DIY Bedroom Ideas for a Crafty Home


If you are living under a creative roof, the notion of producing DIY bedroom décor will both entice and excite you. Home décor items are incredibly expensive and if you take the time to search through your local home furnishing store you are likely to feel disheartened when you quickly glance at the steep price tag attached to vases, picture frames, beds and other furnishings in the store. Instead, head home and get ready to revitalise your bedroom for a fraction of the price. Here’s how…

Original Bed

Once you have your super soft and cosy bed from Eve Mattress you can begin decorating the associated décor. For example, try sewing buttons and sequences to cushion covers or grab some paint and begin personalizing your headboard and the bed frame. You can design this however you like and once you are done, you can gladly lie back on your lovely mattress and enjoy the view of your newly decorated bedroom.

Chalkboard Sign

Frame a chalkboard and hang it up on your wall to act as a type of pin board. You can use colourful chalks to leave yourself little reminders and notes to help you keep on top of your daily tasks. If you have an event coming up around the corner, you’ll never forget it again thanks to this handy little DIY item. Frame the chalkboard in a colourful frame so that it stands out even more.

Novel Headboard

Book lovers will get a kick out of this one. If you happen to have lots of old novels lying about the house, you can transform them into an open book headboard for your bedroom. This fun DIY project from Trend Hunter shouldn’t take too long and you can open the pages up on your favourite parts of the stories. This allows you to express your love of books and will give your bedroom an instant rustic and vintage appeal.

Light Switches

Light switches are pretty basic. They don’t really add anything special to the room, except for helping to access our main source of electricity of course. Grab your nearest sharpie pen or craft kit and design around the light switch. Write your name in bold letters or doodle a cartoon illustration to add an extra bit of humour into your once dull bedroom. It may only be a tiny section of the wall, but it is a good start towards achieving an artistic home.

Fabric Covered Vases

You can revitalise an old flower vase by covering the glass with colourful fabric and using a bow, ribbon or piece of string to tie it in place. This will add a touch of modernity into your bedroom and you can have a few of these dotted about the room so that the space not only looks nice but smells fresh too – advises that you start off with white fabric and use fabric paint to decorate it however you like.