Doe Deere Spreads Her Creative Wings Again with Poppy Angeloff


Long-time fans of Doe Deere love her quirkly, colorful sense of style. Deere has also been recognized for her entrepreneurship and creative marketing strategies, so it makes sense that these aspects combine in her new entreprise, Poppy Angeloff jewelry. Kat Dey, Deere’s sister, is her collaborator on the venture.

Sisters Deere and Dey have stated they come from a line of petite women who’ve had difficulties finding jewelry that looks flattering and attractive on small hands. Part of the creative marketing strategy for the jewelry brand is making the website invitation-only at first. Deere calls Poppy Angeloff an “invisible boutique.”

The symbol for Poppy Angeloff is the blooming pansy. In the flower language of the Victorian era, pansies were a symbol of love and meant “I’ve been thinking of you.” When a pansy droops, it resembles a person with their head down as if in thought. Pansies are incorporated into the design, logo, and website for Poppy Angeloff.

Another leg of Deere and Dey’s marketing strategy is building the jewelry brand’s Instagram following. Doe Deere has used Instagram comments to connect with her fans, assuring them they’ll love Poppy Angeloff’s aesthetic as much as they’ve loved her previous pursuits. In the past, her creative marketing has paid off; Deere was named one of the Top Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs by Self Made Magazine.

One of Deere’s mottos is “Go where you love.” Deere says when she was young, she often felt alone and different from her peers. By staying true to the pursuits and passions she loved, she learned to make a place for herself in the world. To her surprise, she found that others responded well to her when she worked on a project she was in love with.

Poppy Angeloff isn’t the only new love of Deere’s life, though. She and her husband have a new baby. As her new jewelry brand grows, she’s also adjusting to life balancing her creative output and work schedule with the challenges of parenthood. Long known for her love of animals and her strong support for animal rights causes, including selling only certified cruelty-free cosmetics, she now makes the transition from cat mommy to baby mommy.

Deere has been forthcoming about her own struggles with depression, using her social media to engage with fans to open up a conversation about mental health awareness. Her hope is to let people know that while not everyone suffering from depression will achieve the same degree of success, everyone with depression can work to make their lives better. She’s a firm believer in paying it forward, working with other women who are entrepreneurs of small businesses whenever possible to help them succeed.

Inspired by individuality, Doe Deere is a social media influencer and style trendsetter whose brands attract the confident and bold. With her family by her side, including her sister and her new baby, Doe Deere hopes her jewelry line Poppy Angeloff will become as popular as her makeup brand Lime Crime.