Encapsulated Crawl Space Benefits


In most of the homes the crawl spaces are vented. This helps in getting rid of the extra humidity that finds its way into the house through the simple process of evaporation. This is a great way to deal with humidity or dampness that can damage the property in the long run. However more people are now interested in getting their crawl spaces encapsulated by the professional service providing companies like the affordablewaterproofingllc.com, which is revered in the respective industry for its quality of work.

While a vented crawl space does work effectively in getting rid of moisture it also leads to problems related to;

  1. Decreasing the energy efficiency of the homes
  2. Giving access to pests for entering the house
  3. Promoting the growth of mold etc.

One of the most common method of encapsulating the crawl space is by making use of the overlapping sheets of polyethylene plastic. These are used to line the foundation walls and the floor of the crawl spaces. Sometimes the foundation walls are also insulated to control the temperature within homes in an efficient manner. There are countless benefits of encapsulating the crawl space which are highlighted in this article.

Better foundation integrity

It is important that the foundation of the house remains free from extra dampness. This is the reason the gutter systems were developed so that water could be routed efficiently away from the homes. However, if the crawl spaces of any home remain wet then it can always undermine the foundations of a home and can result in causing structural damages to it, which can have a drastic and adverse effect on the worth of the property. Moreover, it can cause safety issues for the residents of the house.

Energy efficient homes

Once the crawl spaces are encapsulated and insulated the home dwellers will start noticing a significant change in their energy bills. Since the air cooled or heated using the air conditioning system will not find an escape route the temperature within homes will remain controlled. Similarly the air from the exterior will not be able to seep in and as a result the thermostat settings can be set to readings that will help in consuming less and thus save more.

Lesser risk of invasion by pests and mold

Microorganisms thrive in the haunts that are wet.  Once they find a place that allows the right conditions for them to flourish the pests and mold can grow at an alarming rate and the home owners might find it difficult to get rid of these. Dark and damp places are ideal for bacteria, viruses and rodents which can spread to the entire house. However encapsulating the crawl spaces with polyethylene plastic will help in keeping out the extra dampness and keep the area dryer hence keeping the problems related with pests and molds at bay as well.

Encapsulating the crawl spaces is recommended to all those home owners who have homes in the areas with a high moisture build-up. This will not only help in improving the quality of the air circulating in their homes but also make the homes more energy efficient.