Equip Your At-Home Bar with Crystal Drinkware


Hand-crafted crystal is essential when it comes to a fine-dining experience. If you’re looking for drinkware to impress, crystal drinkware is just the right choice! Whether you are looking to hold an elegant event, or just simply looking to live a more luxurious lifestyle, equipping your at-home bar with crystal drinkware is a great way to do that.

The Art of Handcrafted Crystal

There is no technology to replace proficiency when it comes to creating hand-crafted crystals. Crystal drinkware is created by a team of Master Craftsmen who possess superb artisanal talent. Because crystal is unique, no design is exactly the same. Although technology has advanced in recent years, high-end crystals, such as those offered by Waterford Crystal, are created using the same age-old techniques. At Waterford Crystal, for example, their craftsmen must have completed an eight-year apprenticeship to learn the appropriate skills and techniques. Creating handcrafted crystals requires artistic excellence and precision.

The first step in creating handcrafted crystals occurs with Master Blowers. They first shape the molten crystal to create solid pieces, and then they carefully inspect each piece to follow strict quality guidelines. For high-end crystal producers, the crystal may be inspected up to six times throughout the production process. After the inspection, Master Cutters work to mark each piece with a geometric grid they will follow to transfer the unique pattern to the crystal. Later, this grid is removed throughout the cleaning process. The Master Cutters oftentimes do two different types of cutting, known as flat cutting and wedge cutting. With enough pressure, they can create the unique and stunning design of the crystal all while ensuring it maintains its strength and durability.

Lastly, handcrafted crystal is sculpted and polished to ensure its smooth and luxurious feel. The sculpting is three-dimensional, as it is easier to sculpt the creation from a solid block of crystal. The final step is the engraving process. The deeper the engraver goes into the crystal, the more prominent the design will appear! 

Equip Your at-home Bar with Crystal Drinkware


Regardless of your choice of beverage, crystal tumblers and crystal tumbler glass sets were crafted to enhance the aromas and flavors of your favorite drink. Hand-crafted crystal tumblers are bound to woo and wow your friends and family. If you are looking to enhance your barware, or even your dining table or display case, consider crystal tumblers as your next big purchase!

Champagne Flutes

Champagne flutes are an exquisite crystal commemoration of everlasting commitment and enduring love! Crystal champagne flutes are crafted typically with a sleek stem and unique patterns depending on the champagne flute you choose to purchase! Whether you are looking to make a memorable toast, or have a family night in, champagne flutes are bound to have many memories to follow!

Highball Glasses

Regardless of the occasion or event, enjoying a chilled cocktail or soft beverage in a crystal highball glass is a must. This is the perfect accessory for any at-home bar, as they are great regardless of the intended use. Highball crystal glasses are perfectly created to suit all interior styles and can be used to mix a whiskey and soda, or swirl and sip your favorite cocktail. The drink options are endless, but the drinkware options aren’t. Highball glasses are the best way to go to enhance your at-home bar experience.

Pilsner Glasses

Every at-home bar needs some type of beer or lager drinkware, and pilsner crystal glasses are the perfect option! Whether you’re looking to enjoy a pilsner, ale, lager, or cider, crystal pilsner glasses will enhance the overall flavor and aroma of your favorite drink. The best part? They come in a variety of different shapes and sizes.

Carafe with Wine Glasses

Of course, not all drinks are expected to be finished in one sitting. This is why it’s great to pair your favorite wine glasses with a carafe set. They are great for storing your wine and are carefully crafted to enhance the aesthetics and aroma of your favorite rose, red or white wine. To glam up your at-home bar experience, crystal carafes are a great way to serve drinks and make a great addition to any home!

If you are looking to enhance your at-home bar and feel that crystal drinkware would make a great addition, check out some fan favorites below! 

Waterford Crystal Lismore Evolution Set of 4 Tumblers

This Lismore Evolution Set of 4 Tumblers created by Waterford Crystal are especially great for an at-home bar. They come with a beloved Lismore pattern that traces back to the evolution of Waterford. These crystal glasses display the Lismore re-imagined in a fresh and contemporary way that fits both modern and classic tastes!

Waterford Crystal Set of 4 Seahorse Highball Glasses

Whether you are an expert at mixing drinks or are just simply looking to enjoy a soft beverage in luxury, these highball glasses are sure to make your concoctions look extra delicious! They are perfect for relaxing after a long day with a rum and coke, or whatever your drink of choice is. They are bound to impress, especially when you use them in your at-home bar!