Fabulous DIY Wire Basket Projects That Are Easy To Make


Repurposing old items are my favorite DIY crafts, since we end up having new functional items out of the old and useless one, and I believe that you like them too. In this article you are going to see some Fabulous DIY Wire Basket Projects That Are Easy To Make, so don’t miss them. They don’t require any special crafts, and you don’t have to spend money one any supplies because you already have them in your home. If you have a wire basket in your basements, and it’s collecting dust, it’s time to put it to a good use. Check out the DIY designs here, and see which idea will catch your eye the most! Watch out because it would be pretty hard to choose just one favorite!

Did you know that the old wire basket can in fact become your next coffee table in just few steps? Get the color that will best fit into your existing interior decor, paint it and add a hard wooden surface on top of it! As simple as that!

Image via ideastand.com

If the DIY projects are your thing, I bet that you have lots of threads, yarns, tapes and many other essentials on your table, so it’s time to get them organized. Get three wire baskets and make yourselves a basket stand to organize and display them all!

Image via gardenmatter.com

Has an egg ever rolled from your counter top and ended on the floor? We all hate those situation, so to prevent eggs from falling on the ground, use the wire basket as an egg storage.

Image via home-dzine.co.za

The wire baskets can also find their place in the kids’ room and use them as toy storage. They are great for storing toys because all toys are easily visible and your kid will be able to quickly find the toy they were looking for!

Image via trucsetbricolages.com

Use the wire baskets to store all of your magazines and say goodbye to the magazine mess in your coffee table!

Image via hometalk.com

The hanging plants looks astonishing, so if you are looking for a way to hang your favorite flower, go ahead and use the wire basket!

Image via homeroad.net

People love to use the wire baskets as storage options! This is a great way to put them to a good use!

Image via bhg.com

You are just a few steps away from your candle chandelier!

Image via texnotropieskaidiakosmisi.com

If you have a few books that are on your to-read list, use the basket to store and display all of them in your night stand.

Image via hometalk.com

Place several wire baskets in your kitchen, and you will never see your kitchen messy once again!

Image via blog.homy.pt
Image via farmhousemkt.com

The wire baskets can also be used as a lamp shade. What do you think about the idea?

Image via purplehomes.blogspot.mk

Which DIY wire basket project do you like the best? I would like to hear from you, so notify me in the comments below!