Fascinating Flower Tire Planters That You Should See Today


The terracotta pots are the most common choice for planters, but still there are many item that you can repurpose into beautiful planters. Such items can be old dressers, old clothes, kitchen items, bicycles, old tires etc. Today, we have chosen several fascinating flower tire planters, that can inspire you to turn the old tires in beautiful planters.

The old tires are definitely great choice for making planters out of them. You can turn them into some stand alone planters, arrange them into cascading planter gardens, hang them somewhere in your yard etc. Choose to leave them black as they are, or maybe be more creative and repaint them. The painted ones can add more color to the outdoors and will beautify it for sure. Or maybe even add some eye-catching pattern on them. Scroll down now to see the flower tire planters that we have chosen for you today and try making one such planter too. Enjoy!

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Fascinating Flower Tire Planters


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Painting the tires in different colors will make your yard look more beautiful and fun. Or another fun decoration can be to create some sculpture out of it, for instance some ladybug. Paint the tires red, add some black dots and get some plastic pot or some such salad bowl for the head of the ladybug.

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Tire planters can look good when being hanged too. Just make sure to secure them well, because they are quite heavy, and get heavier when being filled with some soil.

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You can make many sculptures out of old tires. For instance, you can make some teapot that can be another unique decoration for your yard. Stack several old tires and cut one more to make the handle and the spout. Repaint the tires and maybe even add some dots to make it look more fun.

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There are many possible ways of how to turn old tires into beautiful planters and the above ideas are just some of them. Tell us in the comments which one from them did you like the best and try to make some for your yard too. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to stay up to date with the content of Top Dreamer to find many other ideas of how to decorate your yard.