Features Offered by Home Security Systems


You may think that your neighborhood is safe enough that you will never need to worry about a burglary in your home. Unfortunately, many people have thought the same thing, only to find their home broken into and burglarized by thieves. The real tragedy is that situations like this are preventable. Thanks to today’s modern technology, it is possible to safeguard your home and protect it from potential burglars. There are many different security systems on the market. You can get an idea of what each one offers by reading home security system reviews by TopTenReviews.com. If you are thinking about having a security system installed in your home, here are some of the features you may want to consider.

Motion detectors

It is common for security systems to be activated when a burglar breaks the glass in your window or door. However, what if a burglar does not break the glass to gain entry into your home? Some burglars know how to pick locks, so they would be able to get in without the need to break any windows. Some burglars might be able to open a window without breaking the glass. In these cases, motion detectors are very important to have. As soon as the intruder walks in an area of your home where the motion detectors are present, the silent alarm will be triggered and the police will be dispatched to your home. You can even build a motion sensor for under $5!

Carbon monoxide

If you are a homeowner, burglaries are not your only concern. You must also think about possible hazards that could happen in your home to harm your family. One of these is carbon monoxide. This colorless and odorless gas is extremely lethal. However, many security systems have a carbon monoxide detection feature. If the level of carbon monoxide in your home reaches a certain level, the security company will inform you by phone. If they are unable to reach you, people will be sent to your home to check on the safety of you and your family.


A fire is an enormously destructive force that has the power to destroy an entire home in a matter of minutes. Therefore, you would be wise to get a fire prevention feature as part of your home security system package. If a fire has started in your home, every second counts. Smoke detectors installed throughout your home will alert your local fire department if a fire should occur. This feature will give you peace of mind that your family and possessions will be protected from the devastation caused by a fire.

Home automation

Along with protecting your home from criminals, fire and carbon monoxide, a security system can also allow you to control various things around your home. For example, if you are away on vacation, you can control the lights on both the inside and outside of your home. Lights are a proven deterrent for burglars, so having lights on while you are away is a smart move. You can access your security system through your smartphone and control which lights are on and how bright they are. You can also control your thermostat remotely.


It is also possible to view security cameras in and around your home on your computer. Just log into your account and you can see what is going on at your home. This is a nice feature to use if you need to keep an eye on children in your home.