Few tips to help you declutter your closet


Do you feel like you are wasting your time every morning when looking for that shirt you planned to wear at work, but can’t find it? Or you thought that you have nothing to wear when preparing to go out? These situations can make you stressed and even being late. We have some tips for you to stop these stressful morning scenarios, find the clothes you want to wear and make your closet more organized.

If you’re always having a hard time finding the right clothes to wear, don’t resort to buying new clothes right away. Instead of investing in a new wardrobe, maybe it’s time to declutter your closet first. Here are several tips to keep in mind when decluttering your closet:

▪ Stacking

When it comes to stacking, there are two types, by color and by piece. You can have all the skirts in one place, the pants, and jeans in another, hanging next to each other and leaving you less time to search for a piece of cloth. The other type is to organize the closet by color. Start with the lightest tones and end with darker ones, therefore giving a perfect look in your closet. Some clothes won’t need hangers. Place the sportswear, knitwear, and denim on the shelves. When choosing hangers, always check if they are wooden, since they can handle heavier pieces like jackets and costumes, and can fit any piece of clothing.

▪ Drawers

I believe drawers are one of the hardest for you to organize. Canvas boxes are way better and make it easier for you to stack your socks, underwear, tights, and all the other clothing accessories. Check the nearest store to buy these practical boxes at affordable prices and make the closet look neat. 

▪ Wardrobe door

All your ties, belts, and scarves can be hanged together in one place. The wardrobe door will be ideal for that. It is fast, practical and it will save you time searching for the perfect piece to complete your outfit. 

▪ Seasonal sorting

Seasonal sorting is a must in your wardrobe, coz it will make it harder for you to find that one blouse you are looking for. You only need the clothes for the present season. Place the other clothes in air squeezing bags until the next season, and you will keep them tidy and fresh. Air squeezing bags are a great solution, leaving you extra space in your closet for new clothes. 

 If your closet is full, you may need to discard items that no longer fit you, or you can segregate your clothes based on the season. Here are some tips to remember when sorting seasonal clothing:

Organize clothing based on seasons: Get a clean box or a clear plastic storage bin. Place the items of clothing that you don’t need for the current season. This way, your closet will have enough space for the things that you do use. For instance, season-appropriate clothing like bamboo boxers and light clothing, which are ideal for hot weather, will be easier to find and use when the season is right.

Label containers properly: Before you keep them for the next season, label the boxes correctly. Doing so prevents confusion and makes it easier for you to get the clothes you need next time.

▪ Put everything back on its place

Don’t be in such a hurry and misplace your clothing again by leaving them randomly in your closet. You will make a bigger clutter. Take your time to place them where they belong and keep your closet tidy and well organized.

▪ Donate your clothes

Some of the reasons you’re decluttering your closet are to make space for new clothes and avoid rummaging over a pile of clothes when you’re in a rush. It would help if you didn’t hold on to pieces of clothing that you haven’t worn for years. If you haven’t used them for a long time, they’re likely outdated already or wouldn’t fit you anymore. What you do need is a wardrobe with items that suit you well. If you have a few pieces that are too small, take them to Goodwill and sell them for a couple of dollars. Or you can give the clothes away and let other people have the things you don’t need.

There are a lot of people that can’t afford to buy clothes. You probably have some clothes that are not fitting you, or simply don’t want to wear them anymore. The best you can do is to donate them. Community centers, homeless shelters, and schools are accepting clothes. By donating your clothes, you are doing a good deed bringing their smiles on their faces, and at the same time keep your closet neat and well organized.