Five Tips To Make Your Hiking Trip More Romantic


Are you looking for a romantic getaway with the one you love to rekindle the flame? Then, Look no further than a romantic hike with your significant other. Planning a fantastic walk into the wilderness can be a great, inexpensive way to focus on the things you love about yourselves and get away from your mundane lifestyle. Being out in nature and the wilderness brings out the best in most people and will be the perfect setting for a memorable date.

It is pretty easy to imagine a romantic day out on a hike. Watching the sunset with your loved one on a ledge, gazing at the stars spread across a cloudless day, or encountering a mountain goat or grizzly bear on your way back. However, these romantic (and dangerous) moments are almost impossible to plan for and can happen unexpectedly. That said, what do you do when you want to impress someone when on a hiking trip together? We’ve gathered some tips that can make any hiking trip memorable and romantic.

Try to pick the best location possible

Often, when we go on a hiking trip, we’ll have to drive upwards of a few hours merely to get to the location. It might be because you’ve already hiked every trail close to you more than once, or you’re on the constant lookout for longer lengthier tracks. There is nothing wrong with taking long hikes. But as far as a romantic hiking date goes, driving three hours to reach the hike location can be annoying for your significant other. It will kill the entire romantic mood before the hike even starts. 

Try to go with a location that doesn’t require a long time to reach. It would be wise to research trails in your area to find something that you haven’t hiked before. Or you could go to a previously hiked trail. It doesn’t matter that much.

Another piece of advice is to get to know about the parking and accommodation situation. If you’re willing to go on a hiking trip far away from your home, it is probably best to figure things out in advance. For example, if you are going for a Smoky Mountain hike near Pigeon Forge, search on the internet in advance for Smoky Mountain Cabins with Pool to acquire accommodation. That way, you’ll not have to stress about finding a place to stay and rest once you get there. Plus, the pool is an added perk to stir up the romantic mood.

Choose a trail that has an appropriate difficulty for a romantic date

It is a perfect decision to stick with a hike that is between one to three hours long. Also, consider picking a less challenging trail so that the entire focus remains on connecting with your lover rather than on the hike (unless you both have a thing for long trekking).

Remember, the goal of the hike with your lover is to have a romantic day out without overextending or overwhelming yourself. Sure, hiking entails exercise. If you and your partner are up for the challenge, the difficulty levels won’t matter in the end. However, as a rule of thumb, keeping the hike’s difficulty as low as possible will make the time you spend with each other more memorable. 

Plan a romantic meal

There isn’t a more romantic thing than a meal in the middle of nature. A well-planned romantic dinner alongside a creek below a beautiful waterfall or a lunch on a vista above the rolling hills and forest is about as good as it gets. When to comes to the meal itself, try to keep it simple. A few sandwiches and a pre-made salad will do the trick if you want the surroundings to take over. 

However, if you want something more elaborate, you can purchase a hiking stove from your local hiking store or online. It will enable you to cook a meal while on the trails. Though, you’ll need to have some cooking skills under your belt. That said, a cooking stove can do wonders for you when you are planning a romantic meal and want to avoid pre-made food items.

Bust out the wine bottle 

While a meal might be the most romantic thing you can do for your lover on a hike, not everybody has the time or the skills to cook a romantic dinner. A nice, expensive bottle of wine will be enough to make any hiking trip more romantic. Although, you may want to time your hike so that you reach the top just as the sun is about to set. Just imagine you and your significant other clinking your wine glasses together as you watch beautiful colors in the sky as the sun goes down. It would be the best moment ever for the two of you. Complete the moment with a kiss!

That said, bringing wine and wine glasses means there is a possibility of breakage during the hike to the top. We suggest you buy plastic or metal wine glasses and avoid glass at all costs. The same goes for the wine bottle. Look for plastic or metal wine bottles. To spice things more, you can also hide the wine bottle from your loved one to surprise them, enhancing the moment even more. 

Set up a hammock

Setting up a hammock will only require a few minutes of your time and is a romantic way to get close to your partner. The joy of laying close to your beloved, cuddling in the middle of the forest or mountain, will make the hiking experience more romantic and enjoyable. Plus, a hammock is exceptionally soft and comfortable and beats sitting on jagged rocks when you take a break. 

If you decide to bring a hammock along with you, it would be wise to purchase some hammock straps with it. Setting a hammock with the straps will be a one or two-minute job. If you don’t, good luck finding something to support the hammock in the middle of the forest.


We hope the tips mentioned above will provide you with a good starting point on how to plan a romantic hike with your lover in the middle of the forest or atop a mountain. By all means, feel free to modify your walk the way you think is best for you two. After all, the hike date should include activities that you love doing with each other.