Four ways to bring remote teams together


After nearly a year and a half of working at home, many companies are struggling to foster a sense of company culture and teamwork. However, communication, trust and employee engagement are essential in building a sense of teamwork in your business. 

In fact, three in four employers consider teamwork to be very important and a necessity in how they work. If your business is currently working remotely, try out these tips to bring your team together.

Communication everyday

It’s very easy to disconnect from your co-workers if you’re not physically working in the same office together. As an employer, you need to make sure you communicate with your individual employees about their goals, expectations, and any challenges they face. Humans need social interaction, and your employees are more likely to commit to your company if they feel satisfied at work. Foster an open communication policy by hosting monthly catchups with the team and individual meetings.

Organise a team-building trip

As the world begins to reopen, you could consider organising a day trip with your team. You could go to a restaurant, bar, sporting event or even to a local park. Organise it to adhere to your local restrictions and team schedule so everyone can attend. 

Try to make sure everyone is participating and choose an activity that the team will enjoy doing together. Make sure to organise it accordingly and hire a fully accessible minibus to make it easier for everyone to get there.

A day trip is also a chance for any new employees hired in the pandemic to meet the team in person.

Show gratitude 

Remote work has been a learning curve for most businesses and employees. Consider showing your team some gratitude for adapting to unforeseen circumstances and overcoming all kinds of challenges. A simple “thank you” from someone higher up in the company can your employees feel valued and appreciated at work.

You could also hold a team meeting to discuss gratitude and how each individual approaches it. For example, you could throw an employee a goodbye party if they leave the company or build appreciation into your performance reviews.

Recreate the Friday feeling

Friday is not quite the same when you are working from home alone. You could recreate the excitement of a Friday by offering an early finish to the working day. You could all relax, have a drink and talk about your day before getting ready for the weekend.

Teamwork is an integral part of growing a company and fostering strong professional relationships.