Get into the Pet-Sitting Life


Looking for ways to make a little extra cash? Don’t have a pet of your own but need to get your furry friend fix from time to time? If this sounds like your situation, that’s where a pet-sitting site like comes in. This network of dog sitters, dog walkers, cat sitters, cats, dogs—and the people like you who love them—is one of the more perfect side gigs we can think of. Here’s how to get started.

Create a profile.

This one may seem obvious, but this is the place where you kick off your pet-sitting services. Rover makes it easy to advertise your animal care skills with its detailed profile feature, where you determine what breeds and sizes you’re comfortable caring for, block out days you’re not available to sit (and therefore won’t be contacted by clients), and so much more, even testimonials from friends and former clients (the latter will start rolling in once you kick off your services). Because when it comes to a gig like pet sitting, it’s important to set expectations and perimeters—that way you, your clients, and their precious four-legged cargo are all happy.

Pro tip: Be sure to highlight what makes you a valuable resource in the pet-sitting game. Of course you want to stress that you’ll keep pets safe and comfortable, but don’t forget to include what takes your pet-sitting skills to the next level: can you take high-energy pups for runs and hikes? Do you happen to have dogs of your own who love socializing (clear this scenario with potential clients first, of course!) Do you have mad dog training skills? Whatever it is that you think takes your care above and beyond, expand on it in your pet sitter bio.

Ask for testimonials.

Once Fido’s been picked up (or you’ve dropped him back at home after a commissioned walk or daycare), encourage your clients to submit reviews that will show up on your public profile. There’s nothing like a rave from people who are oh-so-grateful you kept their little love safe and happy to get you an increase in future gigs—plus repeats from happy clients.

Rover offers lots of little ways to help your pet-sitting services shine, from badges on your profile (Rover 101 and Background Check badges, specifically: affirming to potential clients that you’re not just trustworthy, but knowledgeable about all things canine- and feline-sitting) to Booking and Repeat score counts.

Invest in pet-friendly upgrades to your home.

Are there elements to your home that are less-than-ideal for hosting romping four-legged friends? Things like backyards that aren’t enclosed can be a source of worry for potential clients. In order to become a great sitter in the long term and expand your pet-sitting network, consider things like installing fences, collecting some extra toys and accessories to provide extra fun for Fido, and anything else you think will boost your pet-sitting credit. Before you know it, you’ll be a total pro.