Halloween safety tips during COVID-19


This year the biggest villain for Halloween is the infamous COVID-19. We need to protect ourselves while enjoying the holiday vibe. It will be different because we need to be cautious and follow the COVID-19 health rules. But that won’t stop us to have the Holiday spirit. We are giving you some tips for a safety Halloween.


Main risks of trick or treating during the pandemic

Walking in groups

The number one risk comes from gathering in groups. If you plan to gather with your friends and go from door to door to get candies, you will greatly increase the risk of virus transmission. Furthermore, you should be aware that the kids usually cannot wear their masks for a long time, since they get annoyed and keep taking them off.

Face to face exposure

When gathering candies from one porch to another, the interaction is very brief. Therefore, there is less possibility for transmission, but with many people visiting the same doorway, the germs can spread quickly and linger.

Touching toys, candy, and other items

This should not a big concern for the parents. With constant hand washing and using sanitizers, you can prevent the kids from carrying germs at home. On the other hand, a bigger concern for the parents is the kids touching their faces, eyes, and putting their dirty hands on their mouths.

How to keep trick or treat safely from COVID-19


Create ground rules

Teach your children some new rules to protect them from COVID-19. Tell them to avoid playing in the sand, touching their face, and putting their hands in the mouth. Furthermore, tell them not to run on the street and to keep a social distance, since it is very important.

Avoid sharing items and toys

It would be best to tell your kid to not share his toys and his bowl with his friends. He should keep his candy bars to himself and avoid getting other props from other kids.

Bring hand sanitizers

Don’t forget to take a hand sanitizer with you and every once in awhile put it on your kid’s hands. You can take off their mask to let them have some break from wearing them. Make sure you do that away from crowded places.

Usage of a candy bowl

The candy bowls are perfectly safe to use on trick or treat. Make it even safer by using candy bags and place them on the porch, so when the visitor comes he can take it, without ringing on your doorbell and avoiding face-to-face contact.

Should you disinfect your child’s candy?

Do not be scared when your kid opens up candy and eat it right away, but it is best to tell your kid to wait until you come home from trick or treating. If you leave candies for the next day you will be completely safe from any virus transmission from the candy bars. When you are done trick or treating, the most important thing is to wash and sanitize your hands.