Handmade Mother’s Day Gift Ideas


This year Mother’s Day or Mothering Sunday falls on Sunday 26th March. This gives us plenty of time to start deciding on gifts, arranging some plans and making sure our mothers, grandmothers, aunties and whoever else, have the best day.

It is estimated that in the UK we spent around £928 million on Mother’s Day last year. But is there a cheaper alternative that will still allow you to give your mum a great gift?

Instead of opting for the classic bunch of flowers, chocolates and perfume, it is time to think outside the box and embrace the idea of DIY handmade gifts:

Where To Start?

Before you go off nailing pieces of wood together, supergluing your favourite photos to the dog and then regretting it, you need to make sure you have all the right tools.

Visit somewhere like Bearing Boys to find a range of products like superglue, nails, bearings and other tools that will make your DIY a lot easier. DIY tools like these are useful for a number of different handmade gift ideas.

Here are 3 for you to consider when making your mother’s day gift:

Table Centre Pieces

Centre pieces for the dinner table are elegant, stylish but sometimes costly. They could be a fancy flower arrangement, lights or even fruits in a bowl.

This mother’s day you could make your own table centre pieces using photos and memories of days you have spent together with your mum. The design is simple, create a frame using pieces of wood nailed together using your new tools from Bearing Boys.

Once the frame is made you can hang photos using pieces of string at the top of the frame. In-between the photos you can position different vases and fill them with flowers making the centre piece something really striking. Or, you could do something completely different, it is totally up to you.

Make Your Own Wine Rack

Homemade wine racks are not only great for drinking but great for decorating the kitchen. You can choose a range of different designs, colours and structures to make sure that your mum will love her handmade wine rack.

The only tip you need to know about creating your own wine rack is to make sure you don’t smash any bottles. Make sure all the holders are secure and level before you start filling it with expensive wine.

Jewellery/Jewellery Holders

Everyone loves a bit of Jewellery or something fancy to wear. Whether it’s gold, silver or something altogether different it can make a great gift.

Jewellery can be created by a number of different objects and made to be something really personal for your mum. However, it does take a lot of work making sure you do it safely and create necklaces or earrings that are beautiful.

For Jewellery you will most definitely need pliers, superglue and some patience!

If the Jewellery seems a little too complicated you can always create a Jewellery holder instead. This can be done using anything from old cans to wood shaped into a certain template making a jewellery bowl or container.

The possibilities are endless!

Now you are feeling inspired and ready to get your DIY on, it is time to get yourself the right tools, get out there and make your mum the best gift she has ever had.