Happening Tourist Attractions in the Bahamas You Should Never Miss


When you think of having a vacation on an idyllic sand beach, finely sprawled by a crystal clear turquoise water, then surely the Bahamas will cross your mind. Though from its 700 breathtakingly gorgeous islands and 2000 cays stretched over 100,000 square miles of ocean, only 30 are inhabited, but they all are amazing in their own accord. The paradise of beach lovers, water adventure freaks, nightlife maniacs, and ultimate foodies, this quintessential archipelago is a happening travelers’ playground which you can’t miss out.

But no matter how much you love to take a stroll along the beach, bask in the sun or take a dip in the hands-down the clearest water on earth, don’t just stick to the beach. Give some break to your pina colada sips, and take out your feet from the water to enjoy other attractions of the Bahamas which are totally worth exploring.

Here are a few of the Bahamas attractions that you should make sure to add in your bucket-list while planning your trip:

Atlantis Paradise Island:

Okay! Now, this is what appears as a header image on most of the blogs related to the Bahamas. And this recreational hub of the Paradise Island is worth flaunting as a representative site of the Bahamas. You can see this ostentatious resort from far because it covers the major skyline on Paradise Island. It’s upfront accommodations, an array of entertainments, aquarium and water area turns it into an essential sight to add in your bucket list. Your Bahamas trip will be incomplete without experiencing a pumping excitement while sliding down high-speed slides and seeing sharks.

Lucayan National Park:

If you are a fan of Captain Jack Sparrow from the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ movie, then you should visit Lucayan National park whose Gold Rock Beach has twice witnessed the goofiness of Captain Jack. Lucayan National Park is one of the three national parks on Grand Bahamas Island, but it manages to top the list due to its wide mangrove spread and cave system. Its 40-acre of mangroves, palm and pine trees are a romantic date with nature to unwind all your worries. And yes, it also has something for Mr. 007’s lovers as its Ben’s Cave was featured in one of the James Bond movies ‘Never Say Never Again’. You can also enjoy diving here, well, if you are ready to pay a hefty sum.

Queen’s Staircase:

If you have enough adventures, beach time and entertainment, then taking some history classes is not bad. The land of Bahamas has a rich history, and its glimpses can be seen here and there. One such historical throw-back is Queen’s staircase, also called as 66 steps, which dates back to the 1700s. Stretched to 102 feet, it reminds the hard work of 600 slaves who built this staircase for the British Empire, connecting Bennet Hill’s Fort Fincastle to the capital of Nassau. This limestone staircase is worth walking up the top to know about the 64 years of British rule on the region, significantly if you take services of a local.

The National Art Gallery:

The Bahamas don’t disappoint art lovers as well! It’s National Art Gallery homes collection of Bahamian art which depicts the culture and art of the Bahamas. This art gallery of the 1860s showcases art pieces which highlight the artistic taste and tilt of the artists of the Bahamas. Besides experiencing contemporary Bahamian art, you can also see ceramics, paintings, textiles, sculpture, and photography of the late 20th century.

The art gallery has also taken the initiative to educate society and promote the art form. So, it also offers art workshops, community programs, and a free public art library which you must attend at least once.

Besides these landscapes, surprisingly, beautiful rental villas of the Bahamas have also become a major attraction among the tourists. They are now ditching five-star hotels and resorts for these homes for rent in the Bahamas due to their pristine location, more of personalized touch and ability to accommodate the whole family within a budget. You will know why people are breaking the big vacation norm of living in a five-star hotel for a villa after giving it a go. Try it – it’s totally worth the hype!