Hearts and Arrows Diamonds – The ideal engagement gift


A diamond is gorgeous as it is, but the hearts and arrows diamonds elevates the stone even further. Of the 4 Cs, cut is the one that determines the brilliance of the stone. The term refers to the way in which the diamond shines and has brilliance. The better the cut of the diamond, the better the shine it has. Such a diamond qualifies as an Ideal cut. Nothing shines as brilliantly as a hearts and arrows diamond. No wonder it’s often called the very evocative, ‘hearts on fire.’ What better gift for an engagement?

When you look at a hearts and arrows diamond from the top, you can see eight identical arrows. When you view the diamond from the bottom, you’ll see eight identical hearts. Because of the precision work that goes into creating this kind of diamond, it’s called a Super Ideal cut. When a diamond comes with such a cut grading, it means that the stone is of great quality, has symmetry and a brilliance that’s unsurpassed.

Do keep in mind that an excellent or ideal cut rating doesn’t automatically mean that the stone is a hearts and arrows diamond. The term refers to the way the stone is polished, its every facet meant to shine beyond belief. Now this very idea becomes a way to cheat an unsuspecting customer; thanks to some smart and fancy lighting, an unscrupulous jeweler may convince you that what you’re seeing is a hearts and arrows diamond. While in reality, it may be a basic stone, and not one of great quality. So, do you research and take a look at some well faceted stones to get an idea of what they look like. Having a few extra facets doesn’t a hearts and arrows diamond make.

A simple guide to finding the right hearts and arrows diamond is to ensure not a single heart or arrow is missing. It’s not an H and A diamond if either hearts or arrows are missing, or some are there but not all 8. In terms of tone, they must be similar in coloring, or near similar. Especially with the hearts, there should be no color in them at all. It’s also important to ensure that they are both as visible as the other. One shouldn’t be dull and the other shining.

Their points must be equally proportioned and there must be spaces between the top and the bottom of each heart. If there are differences in sizes and thickness, if the center looks askew, then you’re dealing with an inferior cut stone and it needs to be rejected. You should also make sure to not accept any stone that has the tips (the V shapes) merged, that has different heart sizes and shows irregular spaces. Do get certification for your diamond after you’ve looked at it with a proper viewer.

A hearts and arrows diamond can strike a cupid’s gentle blow in the heart of your loved one. But that’s only if it’s a visual delight. For that to happen, there must be symmetry and balance in every facet of the stone.