Helpful Eyebrow Shaping Tips That You Should Know


Do you need eyebrow shaping tips that will help you? We have some for you, so make sure that you don’t miss this post. The brows are very important, as they frame the face. We have all made the mistake of overplucking. But, we bring you some really helpful tips that will have you shape your brows. Once you go through them, it will be a lot easier for you. So read on and find out more!

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Don’t pluck above

Be very careful when plucking the part above the eyebrows. If you remove too many hairs, your brows won’t look lifted. If you are still worried about the upper part, you can cut the excess with scissors. Simply brush the brow upward and cut the tips that go up. Determine where your arch actually is. Don’t pluck too much above it, so you don’t get that flat brows.


Consider your face shape

Your face shape is the thing that you should have in mind. Eyebrows frame the face, so it is better to pick them accordingly. The right choice will flatter your face and look perfect. If you have a round face, you should go for angled and thick brows. Thick brows will make your face look slimmer, so keep this in mind. If you have a long face, you should extend the brows at the end. It is all about achieving balance, so make sure that you consider your facial features.



Make sure that you use good tweezers. Otherwise, you won’t be able to catch those stubborn hairs. Also, you should disinfect them before and after each use.

Do you pluck our eyebrows in front of a zooming mirror? You would want to avoid it. Being too close might have you tricked into thinking that you need to pluck more. When you step away from the mirror, you will see the damage. Instead, go further from the mirror and check your brows often.



Make sure that you don’t take too much off the length of the brows. Don’t pluck at the ends. If you notice some untidy hairs, you can trim them with scissors. This will result in a much better look. Also, don’t pluck too much between the brows. It will make your eyes look like they are too far apart.

After checking all these tips, you know what to do. Be careful with those tweezers, and don’t remove too many hairs. Also, use good products for filling the eyebrow that will look natural.