How Many Light Fixtures Do I Need in My Garage?


A straightforward answer to this question would simply depend on the size of your garage. However, with the wide array of garage lighting fixtures available on the market, you can get confused about which one you should buy.

It’s a Garage, Not a Storage Room

The problem with most houses is that the garage is often treated as yet another storage room. Thus, this is why most garages are dark, dusty, and damp–quite a terrible condition to be parking your vehicles in, if I must say.

This shouldn’t be the case. Even if you might be storing things in the garage, you should still be able to use it for its original purpose of keeping your car safe, and not just from being hit or stolen.

This is why investing in light fixtures becomes as important as ensuring that your locks are sturdy. Here are some practical things to consider as you plan on lighting up your garage:

  1. An Outdoor and Indoor Space

The garage is a tricky space to consider since it is one of the unique spaces in your house that is both an outdoor and indoor space. 

The garage covers the space immediately outside this, and this element of the room is what most homeowners forget when they rework, repurpose, and redesign their garages.

Your garage should be well-lit both indoors and outdoors. Ensuring that the light fixtures leading to the garage door are bright enough makes parking easier.

  1. A Workspace That Matters

The indoor space of the garage isn’t just for parking your car. It can be used in many other ways and can even easily transform into your next workstation for DIY projects.

The garage can often be a good place for working with power tools. Because of this, you should really ensure that the indoor lighting of your garage is bright enough for people to use it for productivity and safety.

For those who use their garage as a backup storage space, lighting is even more important so that you can better organize the things stored and make sure that you can easily find them when they are needed.

  1. A Room Like Any Other

On the one hand, the garage is a unique space to work around in your home because of its indoor-outdoor space. On the other hand, the garage should be treated just like any other room in the house.

This means that if you pay close attention to the lighting and cleaning and maintenance of the other rooms in the house, the garage should also receive the same amount of care on your end since it is still part of your home.

The garage is also an excellent space for your friends to hang out when you all have some activity that needs assistance in terms of tools and workspace. 

Getting a combination of ceiling lights, added lamps on work tables, lights for cabinets and shelves, and lights leading to the garage door all add to making it a space that belongs to your home.

  1. An Added Security

Just as you are concerned about a well-lit living room that is the main entrance to your house, you should also consider the same amount of concern towards the garage. 

Much like the living room, it is also an entrance into your home, and making certain that it is easy to see what is going on in the space would require proper lighting.

A well-lit garage will also take away the anxiety of not knowing if those entrances have trespassed. Lighting inside and directly outside the garage is an added security measure you can take into safekeeping your home.

Going back to the question of just how many light fixtures you’ll be needing for your garage, you first have to evaluate the following:

  • Does your garage have a driveway space?
  • Does your garage serve another purpose other than just space for parking?
  • When was the last time you thoroughly cleaned your garage?
  • How much space does your garage hold?
  • Have you maximized the security of your garage as an entrance into your home?

When you’ve answered these questions, you can estimate how much lighting needs to be reworked to maximize your garage’s purpose and ensure that it is part of your home, which also needs maintenance, cleaning, and proper lighting for safekeeping. You can even make use of motion sensors and lights as an actual monitor against possible thieves and trespassers.

Fortunately, there are tons of great lighting fixtures available on the market today that address specific areas of the garage, which you can consider buying as you work your way into improving your garage. A balance that hits both indoors and outdoors, alongside productivity and safety, is the ultimate goal for this new project you have for your home.