How to Apply False Eyelashes – 9 Steps


Remember when you first tried to apply your first false eyelash and the nightmare you had before you even got started? Which one do you go for? Which style suits you and your eye shape? Within 5 minutes the stress levels are already through the roof and you wondered why you got started in the first place.

You could even try out a Flawless training course if you wanted to avoid the whole false eyelash life and go learn how to professionally apply eyelash extensions instead. It’s not quite the short term solution that false lashes offer, but it’s great if you’re serious about eyelash extensions.

If the false lash life is for you then thankfully you can now learn how to apply false eyelashes with this 9 step infographic below, allowing you to get it right the first time. The trick is to be prepared. It’s so easy to be overly excitable before your big night out, rush your lash application and ruin your look before you’ve even stepped outside the front door.

So how can you prepare yourself in advance? Consider your workspace. Ensure that it is clean, clear of dust and exceptionally well lit (we usually recommend using a Glamcor light if you have one). Those few extra minutes you take to prepare a clean and well lit workspace will be the defining success of your eyelash application.

The next important step is ensuring that you select a false lash that suits your eye shape. This can be the tricky bit to begin with if it’s your first time finding them, so it’s usually best to pick up a few different variations at the start. We’ve usually found that a longer lash suits a hooded eye shape and a shorter lash suits a more rounded eye shape. But ensure you find a lash that looks great as well.

Once you’ve cleared your workstation, found sufficient lighting and a set of lashes that you want to try out, then you’re ready to get started. Follow the 9 steps below in the infographic and you’ll have natural looking false lashes in no time.