How To Brighten Your Home With More Natural Lighting


Having ample natural lighting in our homes is a feature that the majority of us long for. Unfortunately for some, many homes are lacking in natural light. So what can you do to brighten up your home with more natural lighting? Whether you’re currently renovating your home or looking for ways to maximize natural light levels in your rental property below are a handful of things you can do that could significantly increase the amount of natural light in your space.

Install Skylights in Your Ceiling

One way to drastically improve the amount of natural light that can enter your space is by installing skylights. Installing skylights Melbourne homes is common practice, as many Melbourne homes close to the city center are simply not large enough to install regular windows or doors. The great thing about skylights is that they usually provide uninterrupted light throughout the entire day. This is because, unlike regular windows, skylights are less likely to be blocked by things outside such as trees or walls.

Update Interior Walls and Ceilings

This may seem like a no-brainer to most but painting your ceilings and walls white (or other light shades) can often be all it takes to improve natural light conditions in your rooms. This is a great option for renters or those looking for a wallet-friendly way to increase natural light levels in their space. Light coloured paints have the ability to reflect natural light around your room. If painting your entire room bright white seems too clinical for your taste then opt for a white paint that contains subtle colour tones. You’d be surprised at just how many different shades of white paint are available!

Opt for Reflective Finishes in Kitchens and Bathrooms

Highly reflective or mirrored surfaces such as glass tiles are not only practical but they are also an excellent way of maximising natural light in rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom. Shiny, metallic or high gloss ceramic tiles in light colours will work wonders when used for splashbacks, or if you’re looking to go all out choose mirrors in place of tiles.

Remove Outdoor Obstructions

Look out of your window, are there obstructions outside blocking natural light from entering your home? Trimming trees or bushes and maintaining other greenery directly around your windows and doors could make a huge difference to the amount of natural lighting in your home. If your home has awnings or exterior blinds you may consider removing them if having natural light in your home is a top priority.

Other obstructions such as overhanging eaves or fences may not be able to be removed. However, they could be painted white which will enable them to reflect the light instead of blocking it.

Choose the Correct Flooring

In the same way that light paints and reflective surfaces reflect natural lighting so too does certain types of flooring. Laminated wood, veneer, ceramic tiles or stone such as polished concrete as all excellent flooring options which will maximize natural lighting. If these types of flooring feel too harsh or cold for your interior decor scheme you could consider adding area rugs in light tones to soften the look and feel of the floor. If you’re set on using carpets but still want to keep as much natural light as possible always choose light coloured carpets.

Following one or all of the tips and tricks listed above could help you to transform your home into a light, bright space. Natural light is always more desirable than any artificial alternative. Natural lighting is not only good for the soul, but it’s also good for your wallet whilst being more eco-friendly!