How to Check Your Air Conditioner Before Calling for Service


It is a hot summer day, and your air conditioner has just died. The temperature is rising in your house, and you know it is only going to get hotter. What do you do? If you are like most of us, you call your handy air conditioner service company. But wait! Do not pick up the phone yet. There are some trouble-shooting tips you can try that may save both you and your repair person some time and money.



Check to make sure that your thermostat is properly set, with the heat, auto and cool temperatures set to your comfort levels. An improperly set thermostat can cause your house to be too warm or cool. Check the battery, if your thermostat uses one. It may need to be changed. There should be an indicator. Sometimes it flashes or says “Bat,” “Check Battery” or “Battery” depending on your unit. Remove the faceplate and check for dirt. Remove dirt with a can of compressed air. Careful! Do not hold the can too close to the thermostat or you can damage delicate parts. Changing the temperature up and down too often can cause the compressor to overheat. Set the temperature that is most comfortable for you and wait for the system to adjust.



Be sure to check your air conditioner filters. Generally one filter is located at the air return grille. Sometimes, another is located inside the air handler, if it is the type that is easy to reach. Wash electrostatic filters. If you have the type that are disposable, make sure to change them regularly. Dirty filters can lead to flooding.


Drain Pan

Sometimes the drain pan inside your air handler will become clogged and the excess water will flow out into the emergency pan. If your air conditioner has an overflow switch on the emergency pan, this will kick in and cause your system to shut down. To fix this problem, first use a wet-dry vacuum to drain the water. Then have another person stay at the air handler while you go outside to the drain outlet. With a garden hose, flush water gently up the drain pipe to blow algae out. The other person can tell you when water appears.


If none of these trouble-shooting tips work, then it is time to call a knowledgeable repair company. Head here to find quotes for Sydney air conditioning, and good luck! Hopefully, the cool air will be blowing again soon.