5 Smart Tips For Making Your Bedroom A Stress Free Zone


We are living in an era where technology rules, the air is polluted and the traffic is congested. All that affects people’s life and cause exhaustion and stresses, which can turn in incurable diseases we all fear. For today, I have made you a very interesting post that is called “5 Smart Tips for Making Your Bedroom A Stress Free Zone”.

These tips will help you turn your small or large, neat or messy bedroom into a relaxing, tidy and perfect gateway after the long working hours. The decorations, furnishing and colors incorporated in the bedroom can impact our everyday mood and health. So, let’s check these tips one by one and turn our bedrooms into intimate and stress free zones.

 #1 Bed and Bedding 

The bed together with its bedding is the focal point in every bedroom. Both can turn your space into more cheerful, comfortable and enjoyable zone for sleeping. The beddings can be found in various colors and designs to fit every style and bedroom design. The headboard can beautify your space easily and if you can’t afford a new king size bed with a nice headboard, you can try one of the various beautiful diy headboard ideas on the Net and save some money.

The pillows are one of the most important elements that we should not forget to mention. A combination of soft and firm are great for layering and a colorful pillow protectors are easy for cleaning and can make our room more lively and fresh. To maximize relaxation and helping the chances of a healthy good nights sleep then you should consider buying a high quality down duvet (all year duvets are the most popular) like those you can find on downduvet.co.uk or johnlewis.com to name a few. If you want to get the cozy and warm feel that you have experienced in the luxury hotels, then a comfortable, soft and a high quality duvet is what you should opt for.

The mentioned comfortable and soft bed items will make you want to sleep forever!

image via addodecor.com

#2 Color 

When remodeling your bedroom, choose the colors you are in love with, the colors that you want to see every day and the ones that relax your eyes. Most of the people choose white for the walls and for more interesting and dramatic look, they add pops of their favorite colors using drapers, artworks, pillows and flowers.

The colors used in your bedroom should be energizing, not depressing. So, go ahead and pick some vibrant colors that will make you get out of your bed more easily. The darker and the colors with calming effect can be also used and can work great for those who need more time to fall asleep.

#3 Curtains 

The drapes can play a huge role in your bedroom. You can find them in versatile styles and designs and I think that you won’t have any difficulties to find the drapes that will fit perfectly your bedroom. I really like the designs that can easily open, because I want to control the light in my room.

image via www.pentainteriors.com

#4 Organization 

You need to find the best way to cut the clutter in your bedroom. Who would like to sleep in a messy room full of dust?

The organization is very important and what you should do first is to throw away the unnecessary and very old items. Both large and small bedrooms need some smart storage solutions where you can all organize your jewelry, shoes, and handbags. You can use the space under the bed, some clever and innovative drawers and closets and hang or fold your clothes.

#5 Cleaning 

By cleaning the dust, vacuuming the floor, folding the clothes and making the bed, you will turn your bedroom in a relaxing and stress free zone. You should have a daily or weekly routine to keep your space clean and neat. You can do laundry a few times in the week, make your bed every day when you wake up and vacuum the room and clean the dust once a week. That routine will work for all of you and it is fairly relaxed and easy and you will feel more happy and relaxed in your room, believe me.
It is very important to have a good night sleep and I truly hope that these tips will help you relive from the stress and fall asleep more easily. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to stay up to date with the content of Top Dreamer!