How To Choose The Right Artwork For Your Bedroom


If you’re decorating your bedroom, there’s more to consider than picking the best mattress. It’s important to make sure that you choose the right artwork. While the artwork that looks best in your room depends on your personal tastes, there are a few tips that can help you to decide. Here are five of the most important tips to consider when you’re picking artwork for your bedroom:

  1. Choose Art That Has A Soothing Appearance

If you’re looking for artwork to hang in your bedroom, it’s often best to choose pieces that have a somewhat abstract appearance. Ideally, the work should include soft, muted tones as opposed to excessively bright or dark colors. Avoid pieces that contain imagery that’s highly emotional. 

  1. Pick Large Art Pieces

It’s best to make sure that bedroom artwork stands out. So, it’s best to choose larger pieces as opposed to smaller ones, which will allow the work to have the strongest possible impact on the appearance of your room. In some cases, you could even choose a painting, drawing, or photograph that’s the width of your bed. 

However, the size of the artwork that’s best partially depends on the overall style that you choose. Artwork that contains has a somewhat muted appearance may need to be a bit larger than pieces that have a look that naturally catches your eye. 

  1. Choose A Small Frame

In most cases, you’ll want to pick a frame for your bedroom art that’s fairly thin. This will help to ensure that the frame doesn’t distract the eye from the artwork itself. In addition to making sure that the frame is fairly thin, you should try to choose frames that are fairly plain and not too noticeable. Avoid frames that contain scrolls or other intricacies that could distract the eye from your artwork. 

  1. If You’re Hanging Photos, Landscapes And Desaturated Images Are Best

While many people choose abstract paintings or drawings for bedroom art, photography is an option as well. Photos of various forms of natural scenery, such as mountains, forests, and the ocean is a great choice for bedroom art. In addition, photos of urban landscapes can be an excellent choice if the color of the photo is desaturated, which leads to softer and more muted tones. 

  1. Hang The Artwork Over The Bed Or Directly Across From It

Hanging artwork directly over the bed is a great way to ensure that it’s visible. In addition, it’s also likely to be highly noticeable if you hang it on the wall that’s opposite the bed. If you hang artwork over the bed, it’s not likely to be very noticeable to someone laying down, but artwork on the wall across from the bed is likely to be especially noticeable when you’re first waking up. 

However, it’s important to make sure that you use artwork sparingly enough to set the right tone for your bedroom. If there’s artwork all over your bedroom, people aren’t likely to notice individual pieces as much.