So many people are looking for the answer to this question “How to get perfect eyebrows?’. 

Every woman/man has her/his own way of getting perfect eyebrows. There are so many different ways that we call beauty routine. Today we would like to share with the secret of perfect eyebrows that you can use on daily basis or once a week and be sure it will make your routine much easier and effective. It is also important to mention that every human has different shapes of eyebrows and all of us have verities of taste how we want our brows to look like. 


Let’s admit that today we have so many beauty products at our disposal so we can easily take care of our eye brows. Here comes Top-8 tips for your routine.

  1. Choose a good eyebrow brush. It is one of the must have item in your cosmetic bag if you want your brows to look the way you want. The brush will help you to shape your brows even without a brow pencil. Use it to set your brows in place.
  1. To find a perfect pencil or gel. It will help you to fill in the gaps between brow hairs that sometimes are inconsistent growing. Use a lighter shade at the front of the brow and bolder strokes at the tail. If you’re using a pencil, use short, hair-like strokes to mimic the natural look of your brow.
  1. To use a professional brow lamination kit. You don’t have to waste much money on your cosmetician, buy once to use during some month and laminate your brows yourself. Lamination will help you to redirect your brows. It will create different eyebrow texture and shapes and patterns. It also helps you to achieve your goal of having symmetry of the brows. It provides strength and nourish your hair.
  1. Remove inconsistent growing hairs. We all know one of the effective ways is to go either for laser hair removal or to pluck them (tweezer that grips). Yes, it is still effective way even if it is pretty old school ones. It will also help to make a symmetry. 
  1. Shade your eyebrows. Nowadays there many ways of coloring and shading your eyebrows to make them in the right tone and shape suitable for your hairstyle. We all like sometimes to change our hairstyle, so the brows need time to time also to look alike. 
  1. Find a perfect shape. To understand what style suits, you need to try different once. However sometimes it is just easy to follow the trends to always look up to date. Nowadays, the natural eyebrows are in trend. So, you might try this one.
  1. Use oils and serum to grow your eyebrows. You can use сastor oil or a serum to make your brows ticker naturally over sometime. Before going to sleep apply a bit of oil or serum to your eyebrow during 1-2 month and see the result day by day. You can also use this technique for eyelashes to make them thicker too.
  1. Permanent makeup. It is the easier way how to get rid of the routine and get the good eyebrow shape and color. However, you should find a good technician to be satisfied with the result. You can make microblading, powdery eyebrows and etc on your choice.

Use these tips as a memo for your eyebrow’s routine. We hope you will get the perfect eyebrows you want.