How To Get Your Skin Ready For Fall


The fall season is a change your skin should be prepared for. The temperatures will lower, the wind might feel quite harsh here and there and there will be increased humidity in the air. You need to very careful with the type of products you are going to choose, because whereas using the right moisturizers and creams could turn out to be highly beneficial for your skin, going for the wrong ones could actually do more harm than good.

So be wise and careful! Your skin is an important part of yourself and you need to treat it like your best friend.

  1. Choose the right skin products

It’s all about the moisturizers! Since it’s going to be a little colder outside and colder and colder as the days pass, you need to rely on a different type of moisturizer than your usual summer moisturizer.

Do not forget about the sunscreen cream, because even though the strong summer heat is not here anymore, you still need protection against UV rays. It’s common misconception – that when the summer ends, sun screen should not be used anymore.

You also have to use skin products for eyelid protection, because important changes in lighting and light occur around this time. One cream that is very good for eyelid protection is Genucel, which is based on a formula including plant stem cell technology and Eyeseryl. This combination of substances will reduce the puffiness around the eyes and it will make them refreshed when you feel a bit tired. Genucel is the best cream for this, because it contains strong peptides, algae extracts, green tea leaf extracts, goji extracts and plants which will give you a youthful look.

  1. Take good care of yourself from within and it will show on your face

Skin care starts from within yourself, first and foremost. You have to hydrate yourself as well as possible and give up your vices: in case you smoke or have a thing for too many carbohydrates, you’d better set these aside and concentrate on what is healthy.

You might start feeling tempted to eat a bit more now that it’s autumn than in the summer, but do not fall into this trap, because it will be obvious on your skin! Having an unhealthy diet could generate acne and you’d better focus on eating vegetables, fruits and natural juices!

  1. Do not forget to exfoliate

Last but not least, after applying the right moisturizers, a good sunscreen cream and eating and hydrating yourself well, you should not forget about exfoliation. This is a part many forget to do and it should happen before applying your daily cream.

Exfoliation pushes aside the bacteria on your face and the dead, unnecessary skin which only ultimately causes you trouble. You should exfoliate your facial skin daily if you have oily skin or 2-3 times/week if you have normal skin and you do not experience issues with acne.

You cannot start your daily care routine and applying makeup and creams without clearing your facial skin, which includes all the bacteria, the invisible dirt and sweat accumulating throughout the day.

All in all, the fall season is amazing: the leaves are turning yellow and there is a sense of something new coming about in the air. However, your skin is experiencing all these changes in a different tone and it should be treated in a proper way. Use the right skin care products, including a good moisturizer and a good cream for eyelid protection, such as Genucel, exfoliate your skin to eliminate dirt and hydrate yourself well and eat well, because it will show on your skin!