How to learn a foreign language on your own


The ability to speak any foreign language is of a great advantage. Especially nowadays when the society and the world are moving so fast. This requires a fast lifestyle and a lots of communication with people all over the world. Speaking any foreign language except your mother tongue can open you new doors, even reassure your future. It is especially required in the world of business and job. However it can bring you multiple benefits on the private field as well.

If you are willing to learn a new language the first and more important thing is to decide one language at a time. Make a good research about what languages are required most and are beneficial so you can have more advantages. Once you have picked up a language, do a good time management. Decide how you want to learn it. Choose whether you want to do a standard class lessons, online lessons or even learn it on your own.


We will briefly guide you to a successful self studying process:

First of all, learn what countries this language is spoken in. This will give you an image in your head about the culture behind the language itself. It can also reveal you how important this language is. The more people speak it, the more people you can communicate with.

Secondly, make sure you buy books or audios that will help you learning it. The material is of a crucial importance. Start from basic grammar. The more material you have, the more resources for learning you have. Try not to mix the sources. Follow only one at a time and stick to it.


Organize your time properly. Decide how much time per day you would like to dedicate to learning the language. Respect whatever you decide and especially do not look for excuses not to follow your routine. Two hours per day is a great time to start with.

Be persistent. Set goals. Examine you knowledge each month. Do tests and exercises and ask someone who already speaks that language to check them. This is how you know how far you have gone. You will also see your faults and work more on them. Do not lose motivation because of your mistakes. Whoever makes mistakes it means is trying hard to correct and fix them.

Look for native speakers in order to practice your skills. This is probably the best way to learn a foreign language on your own. However, it is very important to have some basic knowledge in order to communicate. The more time you spend on practicing it, the better and more fluent you will become in it.


Finally, make a trip to a country where this language is spoken. When you meet the culture and see the native speakers in front of you, you will even feel the language. It will all make sense. If you end up liking the culture of the country you will even feel more motivated to keep learning it. It is easier to keep with something you have experienced and you liked it.

If you follow this tips you will need as much as one year to start communicate in this language. Of course, the difficulty and the complexity of the language itself matter a lot. However, so does your persistence. Believe you can do it and so you will. At the end you will be proud of yourself for learning a new language on your own.