How to Make Money From Your Expertise


With the current COVID-19 pandemic, most countries have been put on lockdown to prevent more infections. Most of us have a busy life, but with quarantine, we have to learn how to stay productive at home. The good news is you can use this time to turn your expertise into money. Getting into the stock market or making crafts is a good way to start if you have skills in any of the two areas. The following are some ways you can make money through the stock market and making crafts while at home.


Earning money through stock dividends

Investing in a firm that pays dividends is among the best ways to earn from stocks. The profit shareholders receive from firms is what is known as dividends. Dividend yield, on the other hand, is defined as the proportion of the yearly dividend per share divided by the price per share. One of the most important reasons why you should invest in dividend yield stocks is that they increase with time. You don’t have to sell high after buying low in order to make money from stocks. Find a flourishing dividend stock and invest in it, this will give you a return on your stocks consistently. Annual dividends are the way to go. You can end up making a lot of money.

Earning money by making crafts

Making different crafts and selling them is one of the most enjoyable and profitable ways to earn money. Nothing can beat the opportunity of making money in the comfort of your home. All you need is to have a platform online to market and sell your products. Below are some crafts you can make while at home:

  • Bracelets

You can use beads to make a variety of bracelets; it’s inexpensive and easy. Beads are versatile and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Another good thing about beads jewelry is that they can be worn by people of different ages. There’s no limit.

  • Photo Frames

These are another easy craft to make money from. You can sell them on e-commerce stores and make decent money. The most popular are mosaic and palette photo frames. Palette photo frames are extremely easy to make. You just need to get perfect painting colors to have the palettes looking great.

  • Fruit Bowls

If you are good at pottery or want to learn, this is a great investment. Fruit bowls made from pottery are really popular nowadays. Most people have them in their homes. You’ll need a kiln, a pottery wheel, and clay. Be creative and create different designs.

  • Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are a great way to earn a profit from your craft. They are very cheap to make. The only ingredients you’ll need are essential oil, citric acid, food coloring, soda, olive oil, Epsom salts, and food coloring.

  • Necklaces

Take your creativity to the next level with vintage necklaces made from buttons. They are advantageous and most people would purchase them. The other good thing you only need different designs of beads and necklace chains.

  • Flower Crowns

If you often attend different events like concerts, weddings, festivals, etc., you have most likely noticed how flower crowns are popular. Making these amazing pieces will make you great profits. You only need to have creative ideas, fabric flowers, and headbands.

  • Candles

Homemade candles aren’t very complicated to make. You can learn to make them fast and start making money quickly. The great thing about candles is they’re essential in most homes. People always buy candles so you’ll never lack clients.

  • Metallic Roses

You need very little tools to make these amazing decorative pieces. They are interior design pieces. The items you need are pliers, scrap metal, safety gear, and angle grinder. Try these and make some decent money while at home.

  • Headbands

Children’s headbands are a trend that has been there for ages, and they won’t go away soon. You can sell them and earn good money. The items you need can be found anywhere at very fair prices. You’ll only need to get your creativity going.

  • Champagne Flutes

Be creative and add a twist of creativity to regular champagne glasses. This would be interesting because you’ll be making some profit.

There are a lot of ways you can use your expertise to make money while at home. You can look at what you’re good at and invest in that. You might be very happy to see what you’ll earn. Most people have seen a creative side they didn’t know they had before. Don’t stay bored in the house. Get your creativity going.