How to Make Your Home Feel Cozier for Winter


With summer coming to an end and winter in sight, homeowners will be starting to dream about what their home might look like in a cozier setting. The nights are getting colder, and the days will be noticeably shorter. For this reason, it is likely you will be spending much more of your time indoors than you may have done during the summer months. It means you will want it to feel more welcoming and comforting. Luckily, making your home feel cozier for winter has never been easier, and there is an abundance of tips and tricks out there you can use to help.

Invest in soft furnishings

Your blankets and soft cushions may have been stored away for safety during the intense summer heat. However, they can soon find a home again on your sofas and across your bed. Some of your oldest soft furnishings may be enough to make your home feel cozy again, but lots of people like to invest in new ones to update their home. This could include anything from duck feather cushions to plush throws, which you can buy from most good interiors stores. To save money and add an extra personal touch to a room, you can even try making your own. You don’t need to be an expert to do this, as there are many simple patterns you can follow online.

Update your lighting

One thing that your home will be in much need of is lighting, as the days in winter can be duller, and the nights start much earlier. Although it is recommended to get as much natural light into each room as possible, there will be rooms that inevitably need extra lighting. The trick here is to make sure every room has warm lighting in it, as the stark white of some lightbulbs can throw off the coziness of an entire home, and sometimes feel more sterile than comforting. Although it is normal to focus on the living areas of the home, you should also never ignore rooms like the kitchen or the bathroom. In fact, the bathroom is the perfect place to take inspiration from the spa, where you can buy beautiful bath lights from retailers such as Lights Online to cast a warm glow over the room.

Make use of aromatherapy

The look and feel of your home can truly update it in time for winter, but people often neglect the power of aromatherapy when they are on a quest to make their home feel cozier. There is nothing more effective than using the right scents to add the finishing touches to a room. For example, you could have lavender and chamomile oils to stimulate a wonderful night’s sleep in your bedroom, or you could use a clove and vanilla candle to bring a more seasonal feel to your living area. In any case, you can use these scents best by buying candles, making your own, or having a selection of winter essential oils that you can burn using a specialized diffuser.