How to Plan the Perfect Bachelorette Party


So you’ve been selected as the Maid of Honour and the time has come to plan a bachelorette party. It’s definitely not a task for the meek – planning a bachelorette party will require a lot of guts and situations where you’ll need to put your foot down.

Depending on who your bride is, you might not be looking to plan a bachelorette party that involves strippers and raunchy decorations. Perhaps your bride is looking for something a little classier and less generic – or maybe they’re looking for a mix of both.

A Time to Remember

Ultimately, it’s important that you talk to your Bride and get an idea of what they would be comfortable with and where exactly the line gets drawn. It also doesn’t hurt to ask what kind of activities they want to do and how they want the general feel of the event to be. A Bride might just be looking for a memorable trip to the local winery, or perhaps a relaxing get-away to a spa.

The Party-Girl

Then there are the ones who will want to hit up the local bars and get completely wasted. In these situations you might want to consider getting everyone involved into a uniform, that way you don’t lose anyone during the night. It might not be a surprise that there is t shirt screen printing for any occasion – even bachelorette parties – and there are tons of fun ways to design your own t shirt.

You can easily get t shirting printing done in your local area or online for affordable prices. Make sure the bride has her own custom t shirt that stands out from the rest of the group. You can do something fun like having her tee say “Bride” at the front while the girls have “Bride Squad” printed on theirs. Popular colour choices include pink, black, and white.

Take Charge and Be Prepared for Drama

You might be tempted to ask some of the other bridesmaids what they think would be a good idea for a bachelorette party. Thing is, while you want to ideally keep the event a surprise, you might just want to stick with talking to the bride about it. Too many opinions (especially strong ones) can lead to disaster when event planning, especially for something so important.

If you are curious about what the group thinks then consider drawing up a list of ideas and asking the bridesmaids to vote for their favourites. That way, you are containing the options and making sure that you’ve put some thought into the ideas – and that they are things the bride would approve of.

You’ll either run into the problem of no one really having an opinion, or of people having too much of an opinion. Be sure to put your foot down and be clear that if they don’t vote, then they don’t get a say, and that only the ideas on the list will be considered.

Sounds a little mean, but really it’s for the best. You’ll rid yourself and everyone else of a headache that they didn’t need.