How to Preserve Your Trees When Renovating Your House


Renovating your house is a big undertaking and a significant milestone. However, all the organizational processes and making sure everything is right can be overwhelming, and you may forget your valuable green treasures. The additional foot traffic, builders, and construction equipment can be very disruptive to your trees. Construction vehicles and equipment can damage your trees, and that’s why it’s important to ensure they are protected. An injured tree is prone to rot and disease and can die. Learn the steps you can take to ensure that your trees are protected during your renovation project.

Identify mature trees that may be vulnerable during construction.

It’s important to consult with your builders and let them know that the trees around your home are essential, and they should be preserved. Identify the older trees and all the trees within the path of the construction vehicle or are near the house. You can plan a route through your property where they don’t get too close to the trees to damage them. It will put all the construction workers on the same page with a planned route in place, and your trees will be safe. Your contractor or the project manager is responsible for staging this route throughout the construction process. 

Fertilize the trees and put some mulch around the root zone. Also, ensure that your trees are watered regularly – before and during the project. Ensure that the construction doesn’t dispose of any cement paint or chemicals near the trees. This may be harmful to the trees if it’s absorbed in the soil. If you plan to change the drainage system, monitor the trees to see how that affects it, and ensure you compensate with extra or less watering as required. Monitor your trees for scorched leaves, dieback, unseasonal leaf loss, and wilting – these are all signs of trees under distress.

Consult an arborist.

Arborists are professionals, and they have the experience to determine the current and potential root zone, branch width, and trunk size of your trees. This will ensure that your trees are protected during the building process, and they can predict the potential for the tree roots to damage any structure or unwanted branches getting in the way.

Ensure they also check the tree after the project is done to guarantee the trees are okay and no damage was caused during the building process. Tree Services Charlotte NC are professionals, with experienced arborists who will offer you the right advice on how to preserve and protect your trees.

Review local ordinances designed to protect trees during construction.

Some municipalities have strict guidelines for the type of signage and fencing you can use around trees. Others have no laws, and it’s up to you to ensure the trees are protected. Don’t forget that any trees adjacent to your house and on a public right of way also need protection during construction. A local tree ordinance usually protects street trees and the trees that are on public easements. Ensure that you identify mature trees’ locations that may fall under your purview and the rules that apply to them.