How to Recover from a Bad Hair Day


Bad hair days happen to all of us. Whether it’s super flat and greasy looking hair the day after you’ve washed it, or frizzy hair you can’t seem to do anything about. Sometimes, it’s tempting to throw on a hat, keep your head down and hope nobody notices how bad you feel about yourself for a while. However, the much better option, is to figure out how you can repair your hair instead. A bad hair day doesn’t have to hurt your confidence. Here are some quick tips on how you can recover from a bad hair day and get yourself feeling your best again. 

Revive Flat Hair

If your hair is looking boring and lifeless after a rough night, it can make you feel terrible. Fortunately, there are things you can do. Consider using a texturizing spray around the roots to give your hair a little bit of a boost. For longer-lasting results, you can consider adding sprays and foams into your blow-drying technique when you get out of the shower to lift your locks. 

Learn how to Use Dry Shampoo

If you don’t have time for a full shower one day and your hair looks greasy, dry shampoo can be a great investment. Unfortunately, it only works for so long – and only if you use it correctly. Rather than covering your head in dry shampoo, simply spray the product in small seconds throughout the roots. Give it a few seconds for the product to work in, then comb through everything with a brush. This should help to soak up any grease, and you won’t use as much of your product. 

Find the Right Shower Technique

The best way to recover from a bad hair day and prevent future problems from ruining your look, is to make sure you have the right shampoos to begin with. The most effective shampoo and conditioner is one that takes the specific needs of your hair type into account. For instance, rather than using a basic shampoo, find an apple cider vinegar option to get rid of flakiness and strengthen your scalp. For a conditioner, choose something with naturally moisturizing ingredients like coconut or avocado oil. 

Experiment with Sprays

Outside of the bathroom, when you’re done washing your hair, there are a lot of sprays that can add a bit more joy and luster into your locks. One option could be to apply a shine enhancing spray if you’re having trouble with hair that looks dull or faded. This is particularly useful if you want your color to look amazing for longer. Another option could be to add a conditioner spray to your hair after washing it, so you have an easier time brushing through the wet locks and keeping them soft.

Get to Know Your Hair

Finally, getting to know your hair and the problems it usually faces, from dryness to flatness, will help you to figure out how to be your hair’s best friend and ways to prevent and recover from bad hair days. Stop assuming your hair is just like everyone else’s and start defining what makes your locks different. That way, you can build a must-have toolkit perfect for you.