How to Renovate Your House on Budget


Home renovation is exciting and helps in value addition, especially if you are reselling the house. Many people fear renovating their house because they think it requires a big budget. It is vital to note that renovation is not done purely for the purpose of reselling, you can also do it to make your house look beautiful and be more comfortable to live in. We will share some DIY ideas on how to renovate your house on a budget.

Where to Start

There are different ways you can start when renovating your house. When planning to renovate your house, you can begin with what needs the most work. Survey the house properly to assess weaknesses and to understand which places might require more work. You can also choose to start with the exterior of the house rather then the interior. The roof might be a good place to start if you’re looking at the exterior. If is the roof is leaking, for example, and you begin by renovating the floor first, water damage will automatically ruin your work.

The Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in the house. Most cabinets in the kitchen end up not working well and can have broken latches and sticking drawers. Replacing a cabinet can be expensive, as you have to buy the whole package and can’t always buy just one. However, fixing broken drawers is cheaper, you only need to use high quality wood filler which will help fill the gaps and cracks. You can also maximize your storage using recycled material or use the DIY kitchen cabinets.


Renovating doors, particularly your front door, can help your house leave a good first impression. You can opt to repair or replace any broken doors. However, if your doors are in good condition, you should consider repainting them, which is often very easy to do. As doors affect the lighting of the house, consider using paint that corresponds well with the amount of light available.

Paint Walls

A good way to renovate your house, even on a budget, is by painting it using white or black pallets. Good paint will cover any cracks on the wall and ceiling, giving the house a fresh look. It also makes the house look brighter, as it will reflect light. When painting, it is also vital to ensure that the finishing touches are done correctly.

Renovate Your Bathroom

Bathroom renovation can be challenging but manageable. There are many types of renovations you can do for your bathroom, such as installing a new shower or tub. This will increase the comfort level of your bathroom and help increase the value of your house  once you decide to sell it. You can also consider painting the wall of the bathroom and your cabinets. Another option is to repair the floors and updating the lighting. Always ensure that you have the right tool for this job. Some of the work requires the help of professionals, such as a plumber. You can research their cost and look for a qualified one for your renovation project. 

The Floor

The floor is often overlooked, yet it is one of the most used parts of the house and is always at risk of scratches and damages. However, there are many affordable options for making your floor look as good as new, from simple repairs to replacing it with an affordable floor like vinyl, which comes in sheets and planks. You can also use cork, which is made from oak wood and is easily repairable using wood fillers. 


When renovating on a budget, consider buying high-quality products, so that they last for a longer period. You must do your research and looks at different companies, as the price of one item might be more expensive in one company. You should also consult a specialist about the different types of products to ensure you buy high quality ones. When returning things after the renovation, avoid marking the walls and dragging items on the floor. They will end up damaging the great work you have done.