How To Reuse Ironing Boards In Useful Ways


My favoritr thing to do is to repurpose old objects and give them brand new uses. Despite having their basic purpose, all items in your home can be repurposed in one way or another. Here I’m going to show you How To Reuse Ironing Boards In Useful Ways. Have you ever pictured the ironing board being used for something else despite for ironing clothes? Well, it turns out that it has various uses and I have to mention that all of them are more than great. You are going to love every single one if it, and you are probably going to get down to work as soon as possible. Check out the photos below for inspiration and pick your next DIY project!

Turn the old ironing board into a wine station and use it to display your favorite wine bottles and glasses. If you are a wine lover, this is probably going to be your pick!

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The ironing board is going to look amazing in the hallway. You can put on it all of the decorations that you like for a complete finishing look.

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Are you hosting a garden party soon? Take the ironing board outside and use it to serve the drinks on it!

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You can also use the ironing board in the kitchen or dining room and serve food on it as well. How do you feel about the idea?

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If you are thinking about displaying a sign to your front door that says WELCOME, this is it. Get the ironing board and have some fun! Your guests are going to be welcomed on a positive note, and this DIY project is definitely going to put a smile to their faces.

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What do you think about creating your own home office on a low budget? You already have the desk except that you don’t know it yet. The ironing board can serve you as an awesome desk. It’s just great for a start, isn’t it?

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Peg board or an ironing board? It’s all the same? Hang the ironing board on the wall and use it to hang all kind of stuff!

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If you miss a coffee table for you patio, get the old ironing board, repaint it and here you are. You got yourselves a brand new coffee table!

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Use the ironing board to hang your clock on it and decorate it with different badges. It’s a nice way to add some interest to the empty wall in any room!

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Your own mini library is just a few steps away from you. Reuse the ironing board to display all of your favorite books and make your home reading corner!

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If you love sewing I bet that you have tons of threads in your home, so organize them on the ironing board. Which DIY idea you liked the best?

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