How to Revive Your Worn Out Floorboards


Dull and damaged floorboards are something to look down upon, literally and figuratively. While covering them up with allergen-inviting carpets may sound inviting, nothing can beat the timeless beauty of hard-wearing, finished wooden floors.


Over time, this neutral base for furniture can get worn out, sacrificing both aesthetic appeal and structural integrity. Regular inspections and maintenance should be done to keep it in top condition. To help you achieve its maximum life and aesthetic value, listed below are some ways of bringing your timeworn floorboards back to life:

Screening or Buffing

If you like the colour of your old floorboards but the worn out finish bothers you, this inexpensive method might be for you. It basically shines wood floors by lightly flaying the top coat off. After this, refinishing the wood surface is necessary to preserve the natural condition of the wood.

Glazing or Coating

Hardwood floors can be coated to give them a darker colour. There are various varnishes, tinted topcoats, and polyurethane that matches the colour you desire. This method, however, is just a temporary solution – the coating has a tendency to fade quickly, leaving a patchwork unevenness to your floor.

Whitewashing or Bleaching

To bring a touch of vintage charm to your floorboards, whitewashing can be done. As the name suggests, it gives a brighter, lighter colour to the wood without veneering the character of the wood itself. It also helps give a new ambience to the room as it makes all the furniture pop out. Traditional whitewash solutions are widely available; these kinds help tiny crystals grow and grip to the surface beneath, preventing it from flaking.

It should be noted, however, that whitewashed floors pick up scuff marks more easily, which is why a topcoat is necessary. Furthermore, whitewashing darker wood might result in a greyish to muddy colour which may lessen the aesthetic of the floor.


If your floor is too dinged up for a recoat or waxing, painting it would be the simplest solution. You can match your floor to the scheme of the whole room and give a brand new vibe.


As long as your floorboards are structurally sound, sanding can be done. This method creates a smoother and more even surface for any subsequent coating or stain that you desire. It gives the full effect of any other method for maximum appeal and durability.

It is worth taking note, however, that before sanding, a thorough inspection should be done. Older and thinner floorboards tend to give more structural problems and need to be replaced. Moreover, engineered flooring that is not attached to the substrate could not be sanded.

Since sanding is an integral part of your floorboard revival, you can only use the best tools available. Removing the top surfaces of hardwood floors require specialised floor sanders, each kind with a different application. Sanding usually requires three phases, using three different sanding machines – a drum sander, an edge sander, and a rotary sander.

Hire From The Professionals

Your wooden floor deserves the best maintenance and care that it can get. Whether you decide on hiring a professional or doing it on your own, you deserve the best tools to help you achieve your vision. Kennards Hire has a great supply of sanders available to hire to help you make your wood floorboards seem brand new!