The World’s Most Valuable Brands 2019


Brands are a manufacturer’s mark and a trademark that has a high reputation amidst consumers. The basic concept of the brand is a little narrower as compared to that of a company. A company is an entity that may possess several brands. For instance, you can consider Google to be a brand and Alphabet is the company that owns the brand. Let’s have a look at the World’s top Brands in the year 2019.

Apple Inc.

Valued at: $205.5 billion

Industry: Electronics and Information Technology.

Products: Personal computers, tablets, mobile phones, audio players

Headquarters: Cupertino, California, USA

Apple is one of the most valuable brands in the world and has made its mark in the market after a series of electronic hits especially iPhones. The company’s logo is recognized by the people because Apple is a successful and powerful brand with a value estimated at around $182,8 billion. The company originated in the year 1976 by Ronald Wayne, Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs where the trio engaged in the assembling of computers. But one of the major success came in recent times when the company came up with a line of mobile products to the world as iPhones and iPads

Apple products now include smartwatches, laptops, computers and other devices. The company has thousands of offices, stores and service centers throughout the world with more than 130,000 employees being part of their workforce.


Valued at: $167.7 billion

Industry: Internet

Headquarters:  Mountain View, California, USA

Google is famous for having one of the most used search engines wherein you can find almost any website or address to a resource you want to find in an instant. According to experts, Google is one of the second most expensive brands in the world.

Google got established in the year 1993 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. The main focus of the company was on a search engine capable of processing billions of queries per day. The creators of the service managed to implement a powerful advertising aggregate that is present on the internet. This is one product by the company. Google released mobile gadgets that runs on Android. Besides this Google also owns Gmail, Google Adwords, Google Maps, YouTube and many other names that you already know.


Valued at: $125.3 billion

Industry: Software development

Products: Microsoft Office, Microsoft Windows, Xbox.

Headquarters: Redmond, Washington, USA.

Microsoft was founded in the year 1975 by Bill Gates. The company at that time was the first software developer that suggested the use of packaged software for PCs. According to Microsoft, it was one of the ways to make PC experience more user-friendly and more intuitive. Their software known as MS-DOS was a real breakthrough as it was one of the ways ordinary users master their PC skills in an easy way.

Today Microsoft is one of the leading companies in the software market. They have introduced their next-gen Windows operating system which is a set of applications that work with MS Office and other software. Microsoft also produces mobile devices, accessories, audio/video and office equipment as well. 


Valued At: $88.9 billion

Industry: Internet

Products: Social Network

Headquarters: Menlo Park, California, USA

Facebook was developed in the year 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg as a social networking website for students. The small network grew even bigger and became one of the most visited social platforms with more than 1.8 billion people every day. Facebook yields a net profit of around $9 billion per year via online advertising.


Valued At: $97 billion

Industry: Retail Business

Headquarters: Seattle, Washington

Amazon is one of the 5th largest brands in the world and the first most expensive company if you look at market capitalization. It is the biggest American retail company that sells and delivers goods over the internet. The platform provides internet users, producers and suppliers an opportunity to sell goods on their own using the Amazon website and run their own online shop. The popularity of their services excelled due to providing high-quality products at low prices and prompt delivery. The company has around 230,000 employees with a turnover of around $75 billion per year.


Valued At: $59.2 billion

Industry: Food Industry

Product: Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Headquarters: Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Coca-Cola is one of the most famous carbonated soft drink that is consumed throughout the world. The brand of the world’s most favorite beverage was established in the year 1882. Today the company has products like Sprite, Fanta, Schweppes and Diet Coke as their products.

These are some popular brands that you can have a look at in the year 2019. Many of these brands are quite old and you can find a lot of information about their history and how these guys became corporate giants today.