How to spend a weekend in Langkawi


A weekend in Langkawi will certainly not do justice to the most famous island getaway of Malaysia. Well, if that is all you have, then you have little choice than just to make the most of it. Langkawi, the beautiful tropical island of Malaysia, is located along the northwestern coast and boasts of the most incredible scenery. Go ahead and book flights to Langkawi right away for your weekend.

Langkawi is like an island paradise that is made up of more than a hundred islands. There are beautiful beaches, warm locals and great food to enjoy. Look for cheap Thai airways flights right away and get ready for the splendid weekend ahead. Make sure to land here by Friday night so that you can enjoy the next two days to the fullest.



After a restful night at the hotel, get up early and after a hearty breakfast, head for the Cenang Beach Area, which is the main tourist spot. Here, you can simply relax on the beach and chill out or indulge in all kinds of water sports. Later go for another tourist attraction, which is the steepest Cable Car of the world. Enjoy those stunning views, and you can even see as far as Thailand. Kilim Karst Geoforest Park is another spot where you should go and explore islets and mangroves of Langkawi. Enjoy exploring the floating fish farm, the mangrove swamps, and looking at different wildlife. Do not miss the caves with 500 million years old formations.

When you are tired by the evening, why not plan a sunset dinner by the beach and feast on a delicious meal while gazing at the magnificent views of the Andaman Sea and Gunung. There are plenty of beachfront restaurants in Langkawi that serve local, European, Asian, western cuisine, and of course, fresh seafood.


 Keep the Sunday reserved for the island-hopping tour and book a boat tour for half the day to explore those hundreds of islands around. When it comes to island hopping tours, there are endless itinerary options here. It is best to start early as it gets quite hot during the day. You can visit and relax on some of the most popular islands around Langkawi. Enjoy amazing sights of majestic limestone cliffs. There are hundreds of eagles around the islands, and these the symbol of Langkawi. Relax on the sandy beaches at Pulau Beras Basah and swim in the clear waters. Tanjung Rhu, which lies in the north of the island, is a popular spot for island hoppers. It should not be missed out on because of the spectacular views and best beaches. Pulau Dayang Bunting, a freshwater lake, also attracts tourists because of the mountains and forests and of course, the monkeys.

Once you are done with the island-hopping tour, head for the Chasing Waterfalls, which are some of the most glorious waterfalls on the planet. Trek through the green jungle and mountainous terrain to visit the epic waterfalls. When you come back, it would be late evening. So, why not set out for Langkawi night markets for some shopping and great food delicacies. These markets are an excellent opportunity to meet local people and understand their life and culture. You can enjoy a meal at the local night markets or look for any of those Chinese eateries and local seafood joints. If you are in a mood for fast food, there are fast-food joints such as McDonald’s and KFC in Langkawi, where you can take a quick bite.

Head back to your hotel as your amazing weekend in Langkawi just got over!