How to turn traditional classrooms into smart classrooms with the use of QR codes?


As technology changes our means to deal with everyday tasks, its change is adopted by different industries. And with the adoptions made the education sector never miss an opportunity to transform its system. To see its transformation process, they start by turning traditional classrooms into smart ones with the use of various technological tools. 

Technological tools such as document processing software, electronic boards, and more are found in a smart classroom. But as these tech tools are used in a smart classroom, creating a mysterious and fun setup of students with it is can be difficult and hard to execute. 

Because of that, many teachers are finding it hard to relay a fun learning means with technology. 

To create a smooth and fun learning experience for students, smart teachers incorporate the use of budget-friendly wireless technology like QR codes.

What is a QR code?

Quick Response (QR) code is a 2D type of barcode that converts data into a square and box-shaped image. This type of barcode is can be scanned with the use of a dedicated barcode scanner or through a smartphone. 

In today’s setup, QR code data encrypting is now not limited to URL and text conversion. It supports storing files, images, and complicated codings such as H5 pages and more. 

How to turn traditional classrooms into smart classrooms with QR codes?

With the right use of a QR code generator online, teachers can turn their normal classrooms into smart and intuitive ones in three notable ways. 

1. Attendance checking

If there is one thing teachers can turn any ordinary task into a futuristic and fun one that would be the way he/she checks the students’ attendance with the use of technology. 

As most schools apply the use of biometrics to log their employees’ time in and out of the premises, the use of this tech for your classroom is can be difficult and expensive to achieve. 

Because of that, a better yet cheaper means of upgrading your attendance checking is introduced by most tech enthusiasts. And that means is called QR code attendance.

Through this, your students will learn more about technology by experiencing one themselves by just letting them scan their code and see that their attendance is automatically recorded. 

2. Direct video information about a learning concept

Since most learners tend to learn more when they see an actual demo of the concepts teachers are discussing for them, the use of learning videos is their go-to material. But with many videos with similar titles and concepts that are found on the internet, sharing a specific video link may not be enough for them. 

As of typing, the link in the browser may take time before the learner can look up to the video, the time spent in typing and loading those increases. To provide a better video-sharing alternative, use of a video QR code is applied by smart teachers. Through this, the students will only have to scan the code and watch the video about the topic they are learning with. 

3. Share activity sheets

As most schools are implementing the use of electronics in doing exams, sharing lectures and materials, the use of physical learning materials decreases. And many teachers are subconsciously sharing temporary links of learning materials or activity sheets. 

Because of that, many learners experience an access issue every time they click on the link their teacher shared. To solve this problem, teachers can use QR codes to store activity sheets and other files where learners can scan and get the material safely. 

As it securely stores data, the use of QR codes is best in storing pertinent school papers like learning materials. 


As the gradual acquisition of knowledge never stops from one era to another, applying some changes to the learning environment like a classroom is great to fit the new society’s needs. 

For that change to happen, applying the use of technological tools into our education system is a requisite for every 21st-century classroom. With QR codes as part of the tools these classrooms incorporate, teachers need to trust a QR code generator with logo like QRTiger to deliver a fun and effective learning experience for learners.