How To Use IKEA Bekvam Stool All Around The House


The number one reason why so many people are mad about IKEA’s products is that they can be hack-able into array of other things. Almost all of these products can be repurposed in other ways than their primary use and today we want to show you one such product. That product is the IKEA Bekvam stool which can be used all around the house for versatile purposes.

As you are probably familiar with, the IKEA Bekvam stool is made of solid wool having a hand-hole in the top that makes the step stool easy to move. This step stool is most often seen as a kid’s stool, but once you finish reading this article you will find that this is not it’s only purpose. For instance, if you are missing some side table in your living room or a nightstand in the bedroom you can use a stepping stool for this purpose. Or you can also use it for reaching some stuff from higher cabinets. And if you are missing some storage space in the bathroom, use this stool to place some of your stuff on it. Scroll down now to see all of these uses as well as many other and do not hesitate to get yourself one such IKEA stool. Enjoy!

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IKEA Bekvam Stool As A Desk Chair

bekvam desk chair
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Store Some Stuff On It In The Hallway

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Sink Step Stool

step up for kids in the bathroom
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The IKEA Bekvam stool is often made of wood. But if you don’t like its look you can easily repaint it. Choose a color that will fit in with the rest of the room decor where you will set this stool. Also, beside repainting you can choose to cover it with some eye-catching wallpaper.

Side Table In The Living Room

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Dining Chairs

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Mini Play Kitchen

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book shelves
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Lamp Stand

lamp stand
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Bathroom Step Stool

bathroom stools
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Kitchen Stool

kitchen stool
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Living Room Side Table

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Nursery Stool

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Plant Stand On The Patio

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iPad Stand

ipad stand
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Bathroom Storage

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The IKEA Bekvam stool is just one more of Ikea’s products that can be repurposed in so many versatile ways and the above ideas are just some of the many possible. Tell us in the comments which one of them did you like the best. And of course don’t forget to stay up to date with the content of Top Dreamer to find many other useful IKEA hacks that will help you organize your home.