How to Write a Captivating Essay on Entertainment


College students write essays on various subjects, mostly in connection to instructions provided in the assignment prompt. Some tasks are simple and easy to handle, while others require in-depth research and analysis. Given the importance of academic projects, students who don’t know how to create great papers struggle with stress and anxiety. 

The good news is that impeccable academic writing is a skill you can learn and perfect with practice. This article offers tips on how you can research and write an outstanding essay on entertainment. 

  • Read and Understand the Instructions 

The first and most important step in academic writing is reading and making sure that you understand what the professor wants. Your entertainment essay will come with a prompt to guide and stimulate the writing process. The prompt may be an open-ended sense, a topic, a question, or a description of a scenario that produces writing. A prompt is a tool intended to groom your writing style and ensure that you address the required learning outcomes. 

Take time before you start writing to go through the requirements, define concepts, and seek clarification. Highlight the main phrases and keywords to ensure that you address all instructions. Also, take note of the assignment length and formatting guidelines. In any case, while you can always hire a professional essay writer, there is no harm in improving your writing skills. 

  • Brainstorm and Pick a Topic 

When writing an entertainment essay, understand that your topic choice is critical. This is the idea that forms the backbone of your paper and informs your choice of sources. Even an exceptionally talented writer cannot create a quality paper with a weak topic. 

In some instances, professors give students topics to work with, making sure that the entertainment essays are written adhere to specific guidelines. If this is the case, ensure to organize your research and writing around the indicated topic without digressing. 

However, most of the time, you will have the freedom to pick your topic. Choose an idea you are most passionate about for your essay while considering your audience and the instructions. Also, note that a good topic should be narrow enough to be finalized within the scope of the assignment. Peruse online databases when choosing a topic to see whether there are enough sources to support your points. 

  • Create a Working Thesis 

A working thesis resembles your final thesis because it is a statement that asserts your chosen topic as a focus. The thesis sets the tone for your position on the issue and guides the research process. The working thesis is created early in the writing process and may change as you encounter more information. The goal of this part of your essay is to direct your thinking. Don’t spend much of your time on the working thesis, as it may change with time. 

  • Create an Outline 

In essay writing, an outline is a strategy for planning the structure of your paper even before you start working on the first draft. Outlining entail creating quick summarized sentences or phrases that indicate your main points. Brainstorming helps with drafting the outline, with some research needed to develop further the points created. 

An outline helps you organize your ideas and thoughts and allows you to identify the kind of information you need during research. Also, this part of your planning allows you to understand how the information flows and allows you to structure your paragraphs accordingly. With an outline, your writing will be faster and more effective. 

  • Research Widely 

Once you have an outline to guide you, start gathering information for your entertainment essay. Academic essays should be unique in the sense that the writer uses their own points. However, you may need to strengthen the quality of your reasoning by consulting what other scholars have said or done on the topic. Research data and theory on the topic, take notes, and organize your findings. Ultimately, make sure that your sources are credible and relevant. 

  • Write First and Edit Later 

Once you have used your outline to gather information for your entertainment essay, start working on the first draft. When writing the first draft, forget about perfection. This stage of your work should be dedicated to getting your points across without stress over sentence structure or grammar rules. The best writers know that it is a good idea to write first and edit later. You could also ask a friend to help revise your paper and suggest areas that could benefit from improvement. 

Writing an exceptional academic essay requires careful planning and research. Create an outline to make writing easy, and don’t forget to include a thesis statement. Most importantly, find time to revise your draft multiple times to eliminate errors and typos.