How to Write a Methodology?


The dissertation methodology is considered one of the most challenging and laborious parts of the research. The process helps to understand the broad, philosophical approach behind the methods of research students choose to employ in their study. This means that your methodology chapter must clearly describe whether you decided to use quantitative or qualitative data collection techniques or both.

You need to justify choosing a particular method over the others. If one wants to understand how to write a methodology, the below points can help them.

 Restate your thesis or research problem

The first section of your methodology restates the problem your research investigates. This gives your reader the chance to follow your methods from beginning to end. When you restate your thesis, it also allows you to point out any assumptions you made in your research and list any variables or conditions you tested. If you struggle to work in this area properly, you can get help from the essay service online.

Explain the approach you chose

After restarting your research problem, you need to explain the type of research you have used. Describe your reasons for choosing either qualitative or quantitative research or using a blended approach or any alternative method your specific field recognizes.

Explain any uncommon methodology you use

If any of your processes are outside the realm of usual practices in your field, you need to clarify your choice. Since your methodology offers evidence that your findings, facts, and information are valid, a strong statement of why you use alternative methods in your research answers potential criticism of any unusual ways.

Describe how you collected the data you used

You need to describe if you have conducted any experiments, including how you designed the experiment, measured any variables, and what tools you needed to experiment. Explain how you collected the existing data, including how that data was initially gathered, and list your criteria for choosing the current data from other sources.

Explain the methods you used to analyze the data you collected

The next part of your methodology tells your reader how you processed and analyzed the collected data but doesn’t discuss any results or conclusions.

If your research was strictly quantitative, you must list the steps you took to ensure the data was accurate, any software you used to analyze the numbers, and any statistical testing. If you used purely qualitative research, your analysis might be content-based, theme-based, or discourse-based.

The steps mentioned above show how you need to write a methodology.


Methodology is a crucial part of the dissertation, and one needs to take it seriously. Students cannot begin writing their dissertation papers at the last minute because they can mess up everything, especially if they do not know. Therefore, it is essential to learn how to prepare a dissertation methodology. Otherwise, one might not get the score they deserve.