Important Vaping Tips That You Didn’t Know About


Do you want to improve your vaping experience? Are you looking for the right vaporizer that will suit your needs? There are some things that no one will tell you about. We will share some tips with you so that you will get the most of your experience. There are some things regarding maintenance, cleaning, and storing which you don’t know about. Read on and find out more!


Beginner or advanced?

When looking for the right vape for you, there are lots of products available on the market. And you have to find the one that works for you. But, this is not as easy as it seems. Before you get to see different devices, determine the type that you are looking for. There are special vapes for beginners and advanced users.

The ones for beginners are simple and convenient to use. If you have started vaping, then these are the best choice.

But if you are an experienced vaper you must be looking for an advanced version. There are devices that allow you to control the temperature. They are more complicated for use but are perfect for the people that want to get a better experience. These devices are bigger and have more functions than the basic versions.

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Store your e-juice properly

Investing in some premium e-juices looks like a good decision. You will get to enjoy the best experience. But, keep in mind that no matter how much you have paid, you will get low quality if you don’t store the liquid properly.

So, how to store your e-juice to make sure that you enjoy the maximum?

  • Shake the bottle before use. This way, you will make sure that all of the ingredients are well mixed.
  • Don’t expose the e-liquid to the direct sun. Sun rays can decrease nicotine levels. Keep it in a dry and dark place.
  • Don’t leave the bottle opened for too long. if you leave it opened for longer than 30 minutes, the flavor won’t be as intense as it was.
  • If you find the taste faded, leave the liquid in a dark place for a few weeks. This will allow the flavor to be restored.
  • Clean the tank before refilling with another flavor. The tank can absorb the aroma from the liquid that was previously inside. If you don’t want to end up with a flavor mix, simply clean the tank with alcohol.

What to do when you don’t taste the flavor anymore?

Can’t taste the flavor anymore? Don’t worry, the quality of the e-juice hasn’t changed. At a certain point, your tastebuds will get used to your favorite flavor. But, you can fix this very easy. Experienced vapers have at least two different flavors handy. Once you feel like you don’t feel the flavor, just change with another flavor. Once you get back to the old flavor, you will be able to feel it.