Inspirational Self-Start Entrepreneurs from the Beauty Industry


Everyone within your neighbourhood can see you’ve got the talent, and they come to you for help when they need to add that fab brow to their face or a trendy colour to their fingernails. It’s just one of the many things you were born to do – helping people wear their best look. Believe it or not, it’s high time you dug skin deeper to find the elixir of the beauty industry.

As is the case with every business, you have to learn about the basic requirements to understand the legalities. Nobody wants the law coming down on them for a stitch that could have been saved at one. Just head over to the guys at to get information on your basic needs.

While starting a beauty business may at first seem challenging, it becomes fun and rewarding when you have developed your style signature on the contours and impressions of your customers. Experts within the beauty business advise that among the many characters you should exhibit passion for your business, following the trend, and keeping a relationship with customers and competitors are utmost. What is more, you could also draw inspiration from the stories of successful entrepreneurs, whose innovations could just be the spark to your flame.

I give you the lives of three beauty entrepreneurs.


  • Fiona McIntosh


Fiona broke into the scene of the beauty business with a startup company called blow ltd, which she co-founded on November 2013. This was after she left her job as the editor in chief of Grazia and Elle magazine. While her former position helped her understand the terrain of the beauty business, I think she realized that a void in the market needed closing. And blow ltd fills that void by allowing users to book an appointment with their stylists, who are always on hand to come to the users wherever they are with a full bag of equipment.

Already the company has completed 70,000 services, secured investments from Unilever Ventures and tennis star Andy Murray, and is looking to plant their services outside London.


  • Geeta Sood


Geeta had always dreamed about running her own beauty shop at the age of 11. Now she is the owner of So Pure Skincare, with a wide range of organically formulated cosmetics on the shelves of beauty stores around the UK. Her dream was born when she used her cosmetics to cure her son’s eczema. Soon, family members wanted her to develop a skincare to treat their own skin conditions.

Geeta works on her startup in her home when she has dropped her two children off to school. Recently, she has added an anti-ageing product to her line of skincare cosmetics and enjoys the patronage of happy customers from around the world. Find out for yourself what running a startup means on a day in the life of Geeta Sood.


  • Claire Vero


Vero started in 2013 to make naturally formulated probiotic cosmetics. Throwing away a six figure job, she knew what was best for her, and now she is the favourite of so many beauty retailers across Europe and America. Starting was very challenging, she had revealed to Management Today, a UK online magazine. But she has overcome the obstacles to register her brand known as Aurelia Probiotic Skincare in the beauty industry. The next two years following the launch of her business would see her win several awards, including recognition from The Young Guns Class of 2015.

Vero saw the opportunity in the up market retail sector, and she launched her business online. Two months later, Net-A-Porter listed her business in its first time business edit. Within 72 hours her products sold out. While she remains dominant with London department store, Liberty and Space, she also enjoys popularity across Europe and America.

While you may wonder if a man ever has a place in the beauty industry, men’s grooming is gradually turning into a multi-billion pound industry, reports UK’s Independent news. The reason for this change in attitude is that like women, a dawn of having the killer look has fallen on men. A male beauty shop could actually become your startup idea. One tool, as you may have found is that, great entrepreneurs follow the trend and find their idea. Find yours, and let me know how you’re doing.