Insure Your Life For The Same Cost As You Enjoy It


Life insurance. It’s not the cheeriest topic of conversation to bring up, but it’s an important one nonetheless. It’s been revealed that 60% of UK adults don’t have any form of coverage if they were to pass away unexpectedly.

On the face of it life insurance seems like a very logical thing to take out, it serves as a financial safety net, so that if the worst should happen, you know that your loved ones will be looked after. For many however, this peace of mind is not enough to justify what is believed to be an expensive commodity. Besides, will the insurer even pay out?

The short answer…yes they will! 97.7% of all life insurance claims are paid out and as for the cost, the average monthly life insurance premium is just over £20.

Of course, in this financial climate that might be £20 that just can’t be found.

That’s why MoneySuperMaket have created a new infographic showcasing how small changes to your lifestyle can leave you with more than enough money to take out a policy and ensure your family’s financial security is taken care of. You can take a look at it below…

Real Cost of Life Insurance

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