Interesting Ways To Repurpose Rain Gutters You Should Not Miss


A rain gutter is a narrow channel, forming the component of a roof system which collects and diverts rainwater away from the roof edge. Yes, this is its primary use, but have you ever thought what else you can do with a single rain gutter or maybe with a couple of them? Maybe you haven’t, but that is why we are always here for you to get you familiar with all the possible ways to reuse old items. So, today, we have chosen several Interesting Ways To Repurpose Rain Gutters that you should not miss.

Whether you need some extra storage space, planters for the garden or a cooler for the beer, rain gutters can serve you for all of these. Scroll down now to see how rain gutters have been repurposed for these uses as well as for many other and choose how you will reuse some metal or vinyl rain gutters. Enjoy

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Rain Gutter Strawberry Planters

If you plan on plating some strawberries but don’t have a planter, you should consider getting some strawberry planters.

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DIY Gutter Corner Bookshelves

Rain gutters can be reused as bookshelves. Attaching them to the corner can be quite space-saving.

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Rain Gutter Vertical Garden

Besides corner, vertical designs also take less place. For instance, vertical gardening allows the plants to extend upward rather than grow along the surface of the garden. Use some gutters as planters.

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Beer Gutter Picnic Table

This is a great picnic hack, that will help you cool the beers and have them at hand.

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Spray Paint Cans Storage

If you are missing some shelves in the garage for storing the spray paint cans, get some rain gutters and attach them to the wall.

rain gutter as garage storage
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Vinyl Rain Gutters For Ribbon Storage

Or you can use them for storing some ribbons.

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Vinyl Rain Gutter Cable Management

Rain gutter can be also used for keeping the cables and cords at place.

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Rock Garden Edging

Another way to use a rain gutter is to create garden edging, filled with rocks.

rain gutter
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Use Plastic Rain Gutters As Floating Candle Tablescape

Rain gutters can be also part of some table decorations. Place them in the middle of a table and use the space for adding some candles.

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Rain Gutter Shoe Storage

If you are missing some place for storing your shoes, you can install several rain gutters to the wall.

shoe storage gutter
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Rain Gutter Thread Storage

Rain gutters are perfect for storage, so you can use them for storing some threads too.

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Rain Gutter Bookshelves Bed Board

Here is one more idea of rain gutter bookshelves, this time placed above the beds.

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Backyard Ball Run

Rain gutters can be also used for creating a fun ball game in the backyard. Spray paint them and mount them to a fence like a marble run.

backyard ball run
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Gutter Ice Cream Sundae

And one more way to use a rain gutter is as giant ice cream sundae.

rain gutters plate
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These are some of the many possible ways of how to reuse rain gutters. Tell us in the comments which one of them you will try to copy and don’t forget to stay up to date with our content to find many other useful ideas to repurpose some of the stuff that you already have at home.