Marrakesh is a home design style and theme drawn from the fourth largest city and an important tourist destination in Morocco-Marrakech City. The city is diverse in culture and features among others; lush romantic fantasy through its unbelievably amazing exterior and interior designs. You love variety? If yes then you should probably introduce Marrakech into your living space. Characterized by intricate carvings, arched doorways and colourfulfabrics, you will not stop admiring your living space each time you come to your living space.

With fantastic home accessories for your bathroom, bedroom, living room and even kitchen and featuring intriguing decorations, it is not a wonder most homes worldwide especially in London are considering the introduction of Marrakech into their living space. There are various elements of Marrakech themes that you may want to consider.

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Made of wool, silk, glass, leather, clay and even metal the Marrakech pieces of furniture are simply irresistible; your home just got a new look. Marrakech chairs, décor and lamps will give your living room an electric but welcoming look. There exist a large range of such furniture you can choose: Hand woven boucherouite rugs, azilal rugs, carpets will give your floor an enchanting traditional look. In addition carved wood furniture and accessories, bright decorative cushions made of wool,  cotton, or silk fabrics; Marrakesh bedding and floor rugs; soft, rich decorative curtains. The unique Marrakech lamps made of ceramic, leather, glass or forged metal. The quickest way to incorporate the Marrakech style theme in interior design is by using bright and colourful wool rugs, kilns or thin big rugs with traditional geometric patterns. A few leather Moroccan poufs or ottomans and soft big cushions made of soft decorative fabrics will add comfort to your design.

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Use small tiles and mosaic designs to decorate the floors of your bathroom, bedroom, living room and kitchen counters. These colourful and heart-warming tiles will give your living space an overall transformation. You can also purchase the mosaic-designed Marrakech lamps, coffee table tops, mirrors and bathroom sinks.



Transform your windows into Marrakech themes by introducing elegant decorated silk curtains. You can also incorporate rich and bright room paint colours and ethnic patterns, soft, luxurious home decorating fabrics, floor rugs and pillows.



Marrakech interior design brings into your home crafty Moroccan lamps and skilfully wood carving elements for furniture, doors, windows, flower ports, mirrors and mugs. The fragrance of African cuisine and tea with natural spices will stimulate all your senses, add the final touch, and evoke a Marrakech home décor.



Marrakech style theme is undoubtedly growing popular world-over and you should not be stormed to find this type of interior design in most homes in London. Because of its flashy and elegant nature, Marrakech items like furniture and other designs have had a booming sale and the market appears unlimited. It will not be uncommon; therefore if you decide to bring Marrakech city into your living space.


Concisely, Marrakech style theme gives your interior living space a luxurious look as well as your exterior space. Clay flower ports and wooden furniture blend perfectly with the decorated Marrakech curtains and tiles making your home look like a home to some Moroccan princess. The design features colour, pomp and a resultant feel of royalty like never seen before. The good news is that you can change the theme anytime you wish as there are various Marrakech design themes you can comfortably choose from an attractive range showcased by the renowned stores such as The Rug Seller. You can also introduce the theme alongside other themes to make your room look even more impressive.