Is Your Junk Worth What You Think It Is?


If you have ever seen pawn wars, you understand why so many people hate to sell their old items when they want to get rid of them. It seems like a hassle, haggling with a buyer that may end up making it more complicated than it would be just holding onto it.

The problem is, life happens and humans naturally accumulate things. This is a problem when you have limited space, and even more so when you have an apartment and don’t know if you will be able to make more space anytime soon.

In this guide, we will go over how to get rid of the massive amount of things that you have without losing the chance to make a bit of extra cash without the headache.


Electronics, Jewels, & Other Valuables

Old electronics best offering is sentiment. Old video games, video game systems, televisions, and dvd players and their accessories are more so for niche users. People who have an affinity for things they already know how to use.  

In many cases, your best way of getting rid of it is to post online via facebook marketplace or craigslist.  But, the quickest way if you aren’t concerned with cash is going to a pawn shop. This is the case for both electronics and jewelry.  Jewelry can be easily sold to jewelry shops and in the case of high quality pieces, can be sold after a quick assessment.

Collector’s Items/Cards

Collector’s items such as swords, playing cards, and other alternative pieces can vary greatly in terms of worth.  As tempting as it is to just take the lot to a shop, consulting with a specialist is easy and usually cheap to find out the worth of something such as a baseball card.  

Preliminary research is required, but many cards change in value over a season due to new Hall of Fame inductees, records being broken, and the past being re-assessed. However, the majority of cards and such items will offer more sentimental value to sellers via specialized marketplaces that can be easily found online.

Designer & Specialized Clothing

These pieces can usually be assessed fairly easily by a thrift shop or third party group.  Often, using channels such as etsy, craigslist, and facebook marketplace groups can get a premium on the rate, but if your goal is to quickly get rid of your pieces without being completely undersold, consignment shops and resellers can go a long way to making a difference in the overall haul.  

The rest of your junk you can get rid of by calling Goodwill, Royal Junk removal company, or a number of other options that will allow you to donate or cheaply get rid of your extra things via their pickup services.

Consulting with an expert can make a massive difference, but the time cost can be just as inconvenient. Ultimately, separating what you know to have some value into priority and that which only has a maybe can help cut down on overall lags in progress.