Job Applications 101: How to Answer Questions in a Temporary Job Interview


The world is witnessing some of the worst economic times. From the global recession to unemployment, the global economy isn’t that good. This makes it’s hard to find a good job. However, this doesn’t mean that you give up. You can still get a permanent or temporary job. Unlike a permanent job, a temporary job is when you are placed for employment for a certain/ limited period of time. In most cases, a temp job can turn out to be a permanent job. Mostly offered by staffing agencies, temporary jobs have given lots of people a source for livelihood. So, if you are looking for a temporary job through a staffing agency, here how to tackle the interview. This guide by is going to help you answer temp job interview questions like a pro.


Temp Job Interview

You’ll be interviewed for a temporary job just like you’d for a permanent position. So, it’s very important to frame your responses carefully in order to impress the hiring team not only with your skills but with you, but also with your aptitude for the temporary role.

In such an event, it’s always better to focus on your flexibility, your ability to communicate clearly, your high level of comfort working in new environments, your availability for temporary positions, as well as your potential to work well with other employees. Concentrate on attributes that make you the perfect hire for a temporary job and a high-achieving employee in general.

Discussing Salary Beforehand

When it comes to temporary jobs, there isn’t usually so much room to negotiate salaries. And this is particularly true after the offer has been made. If you’re working with a temporary agency, make sure that you discuss your salary needs with the agency before attending the interview for that particular job.

Focusing on the Role

Read the job description ahead of time and highlight the skills plus experiences you possess that’ll help you fill this role. Prove that you’ve exactly what the employer needs. And since you won’t be a permanent employee, try focusing more on how you can accomplish specific roles, rather than your interest in the company’s culture.

Highlight your Key Skills

Other than highlighting your skills, you can also state qualities that would make you an excellent temporary worker. For instance, you may want to emphasize your flexibility as well as availability. If you’re a quick learner, let the employer know about it. Don’t forget to emphasize your ability to interact, work, and easily get along with other employees. These qualities are usually needed for any temporary position and will help you stand out.

Flexibility is Key

Emphasize your flexibility. For instance, if you’re comfortable working at night or during weekends, be sure to state this. Don’t forget to mention if you’re ready to commence work right away. Temporary jobs often require you to work on a flexible schedule. Again, emphasize that you’re flexible enough to work in new environments and interact with new people.

The Bottom-Line

Preparing for a temp job interview is important. The above guide will help you answer the interview questions professionally.