Keeping Your Pets Healthy This Summer


Summer can be a lot of fun for everyone, as you can go out and enjoy the warm and sunny weather to the fullest. But when the summer takes its toll, it sometimes becomes difficult to get through the day with the scorching heat.

Pets are just as prone to overheating as we are, so in the summer months make sure to take extra care with your pets. It’s crucial that you take necessary precautions such as when you take your dog for his routine walks. You must be careful in your timings while taking your pet outdoors, so that they don’t fall prey to heat stroke.

Trackershop look at a few of the ways you can ensure your pets stay healthy this summer.

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Beat the Heat

It’s always advisable that you take your pets for their routine walks in the cooler times of the day. In other words, take them outdoors either before 8 am or after 8 pm, which is the best time to avoid the scorching heat. Allowing your pets to breathe a lot easier and keeps them cool during their much-needed exercise.


We all need to hydrate ourselves to be safe from the heat stroke, and so do your pets. Give them plenty of water, which will keep them hydrated throughout the day. Whenever you take them outdoors, make sure to bring an extra bottle of water to allow them to stay hydrated.

Hydration is paramount for both you and your pets, make sure to double efforts to refill their water throughout the day.

Keep Them in The Shade

It’s always advisable to keep your pets indoors during the daytime as much as possible. But, even if you must take them outdoors for some reason, make sure you keep them away from the direct sunlight and find some good shade to protect them. If the heat is severe, they may burn their paws.

Avoid Locked Cars at All Costs

Whenever you take your pet outdoors, it’s crucial that you do not keep them in your locked car. You will most likely have heard of stories of people leaving their pets in their cars as they pop into the shop and their pets dying from the intense heat of a locked car.

At all costs, avoid leaving them in the car, even if it’s for a small time. Leave the windows open a small amount to allow air flow in, keep the air conditioning on by leaving somebody in the car with them or a last resort, bring them with you.

Do Not Trim

Although this may seem like a great way of cooling down your pets, avoid shaving your pets as this will increase the chance of heat stroke. Many pets use their coat of fur as protection from the harsh sunlight. Once shaved you will remove this protection, allowing them to get sun burnt and increases the chance of more serious diseases.

Track Your Pet

As you’ll be outside a lot more in the summer months, the chance of your pet getting lost or stolen increases exponentially. To ensure your pet’s safety, why not try a tracker? Allowing you to keep constant supervision on your pet’s location via a multitude of devices. You’ll be safe in the knowledge that if you lose track of your pet in the park, that all it takes is a quick look at your phone to find their exact location. Don’t leave it to chance, get a tracker for absolute certainty.