Knowing More about Memory Foam Mattress


Who does not want a comfortable sleep without any bother? Everyone wants a high quality sleep. That is why you need to carefully think about choosing mattress. Because the type of mattress is important which can influence the quality of your sleep. The most chosen types of mattress are latex mattress and foam mattress. But there is another type of mattress which is getting popular. What type of mattress is it? Yes, it is memory foam mattress!

Want to know more about this memory foam mattress? Keep reading!

What is Memory Foam Mattress?

The memory foam material itself is made from a substance called viscoelastic. This viscoelastic has the ability to absorb energy, and also very soft. Memory foam mattress is able to follow your body’s curve as a response to heat and pressure it gets. This provides an ideal weight distribution. Just like the conventional foam mattress, memory foam mattress will return to its original form after a while.

A lot of people use this type of mattress and give their positive comments. So that the experts agree that memory foam mattress is able to increase the quality of sleep. The producers of memory foam mattress claim that this mattress can reduce body pain since it is really soft and can naturally follow body’s curve. That is why memory foam mattress to increase the quality of sleep. There is cheap memory foam mattress in the market if you want to try it.

Tips of Choosing Cheap Memory Foam Mattress

  • Memory foam mattress should have a proper power support. The most important thing to consider is the density of the memory foam mattress you are going to buy. Cheap memory foam mattress has about 2 pounds to 3 pounds density. Average memory foam mattress has about 3 to 4.5 lb density, and the expensive one has 5.3 to 6.2 lb. The density will determine the durability of the memory foam mattress.
  • Memory foam mattress needs to be sensitive to temperature. This sensitivity to temperature is the characteristic of high quality memory foam mattress. The benefit for you is that the same temperature will be spread throughout your body surface so you can get more comfortable sleep.
  • Memory foam mattress with several layers is better. The layers are generally divided into two; basic layer or foundation layer, and top layer. Foundation layer is hard in order to make sure the consistency in supporting the ideal body’s position. While the top layer is softer, which is purposed to provide optimal comfort.

Pros of Memory Foam Mattress

  • Memory foam mattress has the technology which is able to absorb movement effects. So that Memory foam mattress compare with other type of mattress gets minimal shaking vibes. It is a perfect mattress choice for couples. Now you are able to sleep comfortably without getting bothered about your spouse’s movements.
  • This kind of mattress is resistant to mites, dust, and also anti-allergic. The material of memory foam is hypoallergenic and it is made from natural fibers which are able to protect you from mites, dust, and allergies. Making memory foam mattress suitable for kids and teenagers who have sensitive skins and respiratory problems.
  • Matress made from memory foam material can prevent aches. The pressure given by this type of matress is divided evenly over your entire body. So that you are free from aches when you wake up in the morning.
  • The special thing about memory foam mattress is it follows body’s curve. It is because this mattress is sensitive to heat. When you are laying down on your memory foam mattress, your body heat will make the memory foam material curved in accordance with the curves of your body. Different from conventional foam mattress, memory foam material is able to absorb heat from your body when you feel hot, and release heat when you feel cold.
  • This kind of mattress is good for your spine. The technology of memory foam helps to give the best position for your spine when you are sleeping. Memory foam mattress frees you from pressure when you are sleeping.
  • Memory foam mattress is suggested by health experts, especially chiropractor experts, as one of the materials which are able to give prevention and treatment for those who have problems with their spines. Mattress made from memory foam material also has therapeutic technology which is able to prevent you from snoring when you are sleeping.

How to Treat Memory Foam Mattress

  • Use Strong and Sturdy Bed Frame

If your bed frame is getting old and curved, it will be better if you replace it with the strong and sturdy one. This is to prevent your memory foam mattress getting curved which surely will bother your sleep. Especially if you choose cheap memory foam mattress which its density is quite low.

  • Consistently Clean Your Bed Up

One of the reasons why memory foam mattress is popular is because it is resistant to fungus and dust. But consistent cleaning is still suggested. You can use a vacuum cleaner in order to clean the entire surface of your mattress.

  • Sprinkle Baking Soda

Sprinkle baking soda on top of your memory foam mattress in order to reduce the bad smell. Let the baking soda works for about an hour. After an hour, clean it up with a vacuum cleaner.