Life After Backpacking: 9 Top Tips for Returning Home


After spending many months or years visiting different international destinations, returning to your old life might be a difficult thought. 

While you are more than likely excited to see your family and friends, or are dreaming of finally being able to sleep in your own bed, you might miss meeting many new people, exploring new sights and embarking on unique experiences.

However, life after traveling doesn’t need to be dull and boring. If you feel the time has come to close the door on your backpacking adventure, here are nine top tips for returning home after long-term travel.

  • Set Yourself a Personal or Professional Goal

While your primary goal during backpacking might have been to visit as many destinations as possible on your budget, you will need to set new goals for yourself once you arrive back home, which can prevent restlessness and boredom. For example, you could aim to lose weight, get fit or learn a new language. 

You also could improve your career prospects by embarking on a university course. For example, if you want to start your own business or climb the ranks at a company, you should find out more about a finance MBA at Suffolk University Online. It could help to refocus your mind and might prevent you from longing for your backpacking lifestyle.

  • Explore Your Hometown Like a Tourist

While traveling the world will have introduced you to different sights, sounds and experiences, it is likely your hometown is also filled with exciting landmarks and activities just waiting to be explored. 

Rather than dreading life back home, take it as an opportunity to learn more about your city. For example, you could visit various historical landmarks, research upcoming festivals and events, and book a table at some of the best restaurants.

  • Research Your Next Trip Overseas

Life after backpacking doesn’t equal the end of your traveling experience. If you haven’t finished journeying your way across the world, you could research your next trip in your free time. Plus, life back home will allow you to save money to make your dream destination a reality, which could help you to develop a more optimistic outlook for your old routine. 

  • Give Yourself Time to Relax

Traveling to many corners of the globe can be exhausting. Once you arrive back home, it is likely your body will give into the tiredness. Rather than rushing into moving out of your parents’ home or finding a new job, you should give yourself a week to relax and readjust to your old life. Don’t feel guilty if it takes you a little while longer to adjust, just take things slowly and remember that you’ll get there in your own time. So, spend your time catching up on sleep and connecting with your loved ones.

  • Catch Up with Your Old Friends

Reconnecting with your friends can make you happy to be home. While journeying to different cities and towns might have been exciting, you might not realize just how much you have missed your friends. So, once you have enjoyed a good night’s sleep and caught up with your family, you should organize to meet your friends at a bar or coffee shop.

This will not only provide an opportunity to share your travel stories with your best buddies, but you will also love hearing about the many fun experiences they have had during your absence.

  • Focus on the Many Positives of Life at Home

It can be easy to focus on the downsides of life back home, as it might lack the excitement of international travel. However, you should turn your attention to the many positives of returning to your hometown, such as:

  • Familiar food and drink
  • A set routine
  • Clean and comfortable facilities
  • A place to house your belongings

If you return home with a negative mindset, it will make it almost impossible to quickly readjust to life back home.

  • Embrace Your Love of Travel

While you might no longer need to hop from plane to plane, there are still ways you can embrace your love of travel once you return to your hometown. For instance, you could brush up your knowledge by watching travel channels, reading various travel guides and biographies, or immersing yourself in books inspired by travel, such as Eat, Pray, Love. You never know, a TV show, book or documentary could provide inspiration for your next vacation alone or with your loved ones, which will give you something to look forward to.

  • Bring Your Travel Experience Back Home

View life back home as an opportunity to incorporate your backpacking experience into your everyday routine, which could improve your quality of life. For example, if you have fallen in love with various cuisines, you could find pleasure in recreating your favorite dishes in the kitchen, which you could introduce your family and friends to.

What’s more, you have likely developed many fantastic social skills during long-term travel, which could help you to make new friends, secure a new job, and climb the career ladder.

  • Take It One Day at a Time

While some backpackers might quickly readjust to their old life, others can struggle to settleinto their daily routine again. If you do initially struggle with life back home, you must take it one day at a time. 

While it might seem like you will never fit back into your old friendship group or secure a new job, you should have a little patience and know life will get better. Eventually, you will hit different personal goals and reconnect with your friends and family, which will make you feel right at home.

While backpacking might have introduced you to new experiences and cultures, there will come a day when you will need to return to normality to improve your career prospects, grow your finances and maybe even settle down. If you believe you are ready to leave long-term travel behind, the above tips could help you to ease back into life in your home city or town, which might be much easier than you think.