What to Look for in Luxury Apartments


Lots of New York City apartments and buildings tout themselves as being luxury apartments. But if you are truly in the market for luxury apartment rentals, there are a few things you should know to look for, first. Here, we will talk about the main things to look for in luxury apartments, no matter where you might be looking for a place. Looking for these things in any New York City apartments that claim to be luxury rentals can let you know if they are telling the truth. It can also save you frustration, time, and money, later.

The Aesthetics

Most important in luxury apartment rentals is the overall look. We are talking both inside and outside, here. The appliances should all be brand new and cutting edge. The furniture should look great. The design of the overall apartment should flow together. Even the building itself, not just your personal living space, should look well maintained, clean, and modern. You may want to do some research on the architect of the building before renting. Also be sure to check for great views from any luxury apartments you might be considering. They should be totally unobstructed by other things.


Luxury apartment rentals should have some security features come standard. Look for things like closed circuit TV systems, or even doormen. Ask the person who shows you the apartment questions about how the system is monitored, and if they response for an issue is 24 hours per day. Some luxury apartments feature things like an on-site security officer. These professionals can respond to things no matter the time or the day of the year. If you are still skeptical, check out the overall reputation of the building and the neighborhood. Do others in the area feel safe?


Any New York City apartments that say they are luxury apartments should come with lots of extras. The Urbana Properties at 800 Fifth Avenue are prime examples of New York City luxury rentals, featuring everything from a doorman to a concierge. Aside from that, a few extras to look for include:

  • Covered parking garages and lots. Some rentals even assign spaces to certain tenants;
  • Gyms or fitness centers;
  • Washing machines and dryers inside the apartments themselves;
  • Hot tubs and even swimming pools;
  • Plenty of storage in your apartment (walk-in closets are standard);
  • Doggie play parks for your four legged friends;
  • Pest control that is included as part of your regular bill;
  • Some apartment complexes will even come to your door to pick up your trash a few times, weekly.